tesa’s pioneering sustainability initiatives for a more sustainable future


There are global challenges that must be solved to enable a future where more than nine billion people live well. Science is a key to making that vision a reality and innovators at tesa are on a mission to make it happen.

tesa’s adhesive tapes and self-adhesive products help to improve the work, products and lives of our customers across industries around the globe. Our portfolio features over 7,000 adhesive solutions. And our scientists developed those technologies with a sharp focus on shaping a more sustainable future – because that is our most important task.

Today, our team of more than six hundred scientists, engineers and product developers is applying its deep expertise to develop advanced solutions that help save resources and cut emissions in a wide range of processes. We are also innovating to use more recycled and bio-based materials. And our teams are exploring new ideas with the power to enable more recycling, like our debond on demand tapes that make it possible to reuse materials and components from a growing variety of products.


High standards for sourcing

That approach to pioneering sustainable technologies begins with the raw materials that we source from over 800 suppliers worldwide. By 2030, we aim for 80 percent of our purchases to come from providers who meet our sustainability standards – and can prove it. Today, more than half of tesa’s raw material suppliers meet this expectation.


Certifications from trustworthy and internationally respected organizations are a strong tool for proving the responsible origin of our raw materials. We primarily count on the FSC® standard  for paper and cardboard, which are two key raw materials for tesa. To assess the recyclability of our pressure sensitive adhesive tapes (e.g., labels and stickers), we rely on INGEDE Method 12 certification.


State-of-the-art science

Teams in our laboratories are constantly exploring forward-looking science with the potential to boost the sustainability of our portfolio. We invest in research that aims to expand our use of recycled and bio-based raw materials. Innovations related to solvent-free processes and the recovery of solvents are also key focus areas. Our experts work closely with customers and other partners to develop safer and more sustainable solutions that deliver outstanding performance. And we consider the entire life cycle – from raw materials through to use and disposal.

Our most important task

These initiatives and methodologies support our deep commitment to leading the way forward for sustainability across industries. Based on this strong foundation, product and technology development teams at tesa are empowered to explore new ways of creating more resource-efficient solutions. In this way, we are unleashing the power of science to support progress toward shaping a more sustainable future – because that is our most important task.