Collecting natural latex from rubber tree.

Discover tesa® Natural Rubber Extrusion (NRE) 


Innovative technologies that help us pave the way for more sustainable products.

tesa® Natural Rubber Extrusion

Natural Rubber Extrusion, also known as tesa® NRE, is a patented technology used to produce natural rubber adhesive tapes. 

tesa® NRE is particularly differentiated by the fact that it thoroughly avoids the use of solvents. This applies to the entire process from raw material preparation to adhesive production and coating. In addition, tesa® NRE can save up to 55% energy compared to tesa solvent-based process technologies.

What makes Natural Rubber Extrusion energy efficient?

No drying needed: The tesa® NRE coating process requires less heating compared to solvent-based production because no drying of solvents is needed. This reduces the amount of energy required in the production process. 

In addition to the bio-based material natural rubber, further recycled or bio-based material can be combined with tesa NRE to reduce the usage of virgin fossil materials.

The specific properties of tesa® NRE technology contribute towards tesa's sustainability action areas and reduce our climate impact across scopes 1, 2, and 31 Scope 1 and 2 are those emissions that are owned or controlled by a company, whereas scope 3 emissions are a consequence of the activities of the company but occur from sources not owned or controlled by it..

Collecting natural latex from rubber tree.
Collecting natural latex from rubber tree.

More sustainable technologies, methodologies, and certifications

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Paving the way for more sustainable products

Get ready to dive into a series of articles that explore sustainable and innovative technologies powering tesa's production of modern and more sustainable products. Plus, we'll introduce you to a range of certifications that back up our commitment to sustainability. This article marks the beginning of this series and provides an overview of how we at tesa take sustainability seriously.
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Certification matters

As responsible sourcing is an important pillar of our strategy, it is ideal to have a certification that proves the authenticity of our product claims.
The new tesa® 60412 includes a backing with 70% recycled (PCR) PET.

Discover tesa® Waterborne Technology (WBT)

Waterborne technology is a solvent-free coating technology used in all tesa plants worldwide to produce tapes.