More sustainable, more competitive: ​tesa® 60418 Thin recycled PET packaging tape

With its thin 19 µm backing made from 85 % recycled PET, tesa® 60418 is a more sustainable and competitive packaging tape for mass production.

tesa® 60418 Thin recycled PET packaging tape

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tesa® 60418 Thin recycled PET packaging tape with synthetic rubber adhesive

 tesa® 60418 is a more sustainable carton sealing tape for light and medium weight cartons with a total recycled content of 60%. tesa® 60418 is composed of a tacky synthetic rubber hotmelt adhesive and a very thin polyester backing, which is made up of 85% recycled post-consumer waste. Due to the superior backing material properties tesa® 60418 is both thin and conformable – yet tear-resistant. It features a low unwinding force and a very good immediate closing performance making it ideal for automated process.

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