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Addition to Our Foam Plate Mounting Tape Assortment


tesa Softprint® TP-X for more efficiency and higher productivity in the flexographic printing process.

Launch of tesa Sofprint® TP-X - A new foam tape range for the flexographic industry

Focusing on increased efficiency and productivity through the whole process chain is getting more and more important in the flexographic printing industry.

It means for double-sided plate mounting tapes, flexible packaging printers are looking for a tape solution which keeps the plate edges firmly in place to prevent press stoppages and easy plate removal for quick job change-overs. Furthermore a reduction for the need of supporting tools such as specific plate cleaner is highly appreciated.

We answer these requirements with the introduction of our new plate mounting tape: tesa Softprint® TP-X. Our new foam tape range offers the advantage of improved productivity on the customer side through a new concept of adhesive combination between plate and sleeve.

Softprint® - Foam tape construction
Softprint® - Foam tape construction

Benefits of plate side adhesive
This offers a market tested bond which keeps the plate edges securely in place in combination with an easy plate removal for quick job change-overs and avoiding plate damage.
Furthermore the adhesive doesn´t need a specific plate cleaner or procedure, which leads to more flexibility and higher efficiency in the job preparation.

Benefits of sleeve side adhesive
Higher productivity through improved tape reusability.
Our sleeve side adhesive offers improved tape reusability for short print runs where quick job change-overs are required. Tape demounting has been market-tested to show there is no adhesive residue left on the sleeve on tape removal.

Softprint® TP-X - Double-sided foam tape range for flexographic printing
Softprint® TP-X - Double-sided foam tape range for flexographic printing

Best print quality
Our double-sided plate mounting foam tape tesa Softprint® TP-X is available in 500µm and four different levels of foam hardness.
Our foam quality is based on the selection of the best available raw materials and a production process which is optimized to handle the foam with the utmost care. For this reason we do not apply any thermal or mechanical stress on the foam during the production process and as a result of this, all foam cells remain undamaged, even those closest to the foam´s surface. More intact cells mean better cushioning and resilience over time. This helps to achieve the highest standards of print quality in the flexographic printing process.

Easy product selection with tesa Softprint® product compass
Depending on the requirements of the individual flexible packaging printer, our assortment offers a wide range of different product lines by considering the bonding strength required between the plate and sleeve.
Our new plate mounting product line Softprint® TP-X integrates perfectly into our assortment and offers many benefits to the customer.