Innovative adhesive solutions for the automotive industry


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The automotive industry is in a state of transformation where innovative and more sustainable solutions are being given top priority. Adhesive tapes in various designs are part of this development and are contributing to the industry’s ability to meet the diverse and, to a certain extent, new requirements.

The market for automotive adhesive tape is steadily growing. Forecasts show that the global market size will increase to approx. EUR 4 billion by 2030, driven by an annual growth rate of 7%.

tesa, a close partner of the automotive industry, already developed over 1,000 adhesive applications - and the innovation pipeline is filling up. Over the coming years, more adhesive solutions for motor vehicle components, displays and the emerging battery cell market will come out, and to help with this, tesa is working closely with both its partners and its customers. Adhesive applications in the area of electric mobility in particular are picking up speed. Whether it be installing and isolating battery cells, wiring in electric vehicles or inserting touchscreens and displays, tesa has already made a strong start in this segment and will continue to drive forward the development in order to grow together with the industry.

Learn how to innovate the automotive industry with tesa in our latest trend paper.

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