Saving resources and promoting circularity


Bonding is great, but debonding is the ultimate discipline. Welcome to the future of adhesive tape - with tesa’s innovative debondable tapes

We do: support customers with debonding on demand

It has always been one of tesa's core competencies to develop cutting-edge adhesive tape solutions that add value and help make our customers' manufacturing processes even more efficient. With its Debond-on-demand products, tesa is ushering in a new era of adhesive technology. The intelligent and innovative tapes deliver on the promise of permanent and secure adhesive bonds, but can be removed without leaving any residue. This opens up completely new possibilities - also in terms of increasingly sustainable industrial design.

Automotive example: The battery is by far the biggest cost factor in an electric car. The technology is developing rapidly, and manufacturing processes are prone to high scrap rates. This can lead to high, unwanted extra costs. And wastes resources. In addition, a new EU regulation sets sustainability targets for the recyclability of batteries from mid-2023. tesa® Bond & Detach meets all these challenges at the same time: Reversible bonding with the innovative debonding-on-demand product helps to reduce waste during production to a minimum because errors can be corrected. What's more, the application makes a significant contribution to improving the recyclability of complex assemblies, such as electric car batteries, by enabling the previously firmly bonded individual components to be disassembled and recycled.

Technological breakthrough: Bonding 2.0

tesa® Bond & Detach is like a reliable partner who can also let go. "Selling adhesive tape that doesn't stick forever may sound like a difficult task," says Jan Ole Pöhls, International Product Manager Automotive. "But in fact, the benefits of our innovative bond-on-demand tapes speak for themselves and they are becoming more and more popular". The basic idea of bonding components with uncompromising quality standards, but at the same time making every adhesive bond revisable, kills several birds with one stone for manufacturers, because saving resources in production and ensuring the repairability of products and product components are major plus points: With solutions such as tesa® Bond & Detach, the industry can both reduce costs and take a big step forward in terms of sustainability.

Advantages of tesa® Bond & Detach

  • Easy and clean application
  • Versatile and flexible use
  • Gentle bonding of high-value materials
  • User-friendly removability

Contribution to greater sustainability

  • Ensures recyclability of valuable raw materials and end-of-life materials
  • Contributes to the circular economy by allowing products to be repaired during use and facilitating recycling
  • Eliminates the need for chemicals and/or heat to separate bonded joints
  • Reduces scrap and waste for the customer
  • Reduces occupational health and safety risks

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We do: Support customers

Achieving a higher level of sustainability is an important goal for many of our customers - just as it is for us. We are taking this path together with them and supporting them with innovative adhesive solutions. In addition to our own product sustainability, we are working to ensure that our customers enjoy ecological benefits through the use of our products; for example, tesa® Bond & Detach makes smartphone components recyclable and can be removed easily without leaving any residue. The aim is to make these contributions more visible in the future.