Flying Splice, the New Trend in Tissue Converting


Our newest tesa EasySplice® product is addressing new trends in the tissue splicing industry.

Introducing tesa EasySplice® 51550 TissueLine

Operators are only as efficient as the tools they use, for this reason we created tesa EasySplice® 51550 TissueLine. Most tissue converters are running their machinery around the clock, but the efficiency at which they operate varies greatly. Splicing speeds can range anywhere from 0-speed up to 700m/min depending on the process used. One trend that is increasingly influencing industry leaders within the tissue converting industry is the flying splice.

Utilizing this technology within the tissue converting line opens up a range of process improvements. Based on the foundation of our market-proven EasySplice® design we created a new and innovative way to increase output volume and reduce change over times.

As with all of our EasySplice® products, tesa® 51550 provides reliable web contact during the splicing process and keeps the jumbo closed during transport and un-winding. The fully repulpable and unique construction of tesa EasySplice® 51550 makes it an exceptional product. It is comprised of a 9mm splitting strip that has very low opening force. This feature ensures the splicing area is undamaged when wider widths and higher machine speeds are used.

Waste reduction (through the fully repulpable splitting strip) and lower application efforts significantly influence output. Compared to splicing processes that use traditional double sided tape, tesa® 51550 delivers greater performance. Not only is tesa EasySplice® easier to handle, but during critical phases like embossing and lamination it helps uphold quality standards by eliminating common issues like adhesive bleeding.

A variety of splicing solutions are available through our range of tesa EasySplice® tapes. Learn more about our assortment here.

image: tesa® 51550 splicing tape