Carton Sealing with tesa® 4713 Chamois

Eurocircuits embraces sustainability and branding with tesa® 4713

Navigating the path to sustainable and secure packaging

A tape that speaks volumes

In collaboration with tesa’s distributor, Kvazár Kft., we presented the practical benefits of tesa® 4713 (6713 printed by LogoTape) to Eurocircuits, then we showcased the high sealing performance of tesa® 4713, ensuring the security of Eurocircuits' packages during transit. 

The solution demonstrated not only superior sealing performance, but also the capability to meet Eurocircuits' sustainability goals and elevate our brand through customization. Furthermore, the printed logo on the tape provided an increased security level, discouraging tampering and counterfeiting. We are also very proud of the fact the printing company uses a more sustainable water-based ink to print our logo.
Tamás Dudás

Regional Sales Manager, Eurocircuits

A valuable cooperation

A sustainable partnership

Eurocircuits' journey with tesa® 4713 exemplifies the transformative power of more sustainable packaging solutions. 

By choosing tesa®, we not only enhanced the security and appeal of our packaging, but also took a significant step towards a greener and more responsible future.
Tamás Dudás

Regional Sales Manager, Eurocircuits


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