Elevating process efficiency​
with tesa® Softprint neXt​


Our new plate mounting solution
offering neXt level performance
throughout the whole process​

tesa® Softprint neXt product build-up Flex (screenshot)

Introducing tesa® Softprint neXt

When looking at mounting tape related processes at a flexo printer, we find three main steps that have to perform error-free to ensure efficiency targets can be met:​

  1. Fast tape and plate mounting​
  2. Uninterrupted print runs with securely mounted plates ​
  3. Smooth and easy plate and tape demounting
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What sounds like contradicting properties can now be achieved with tesa® Softprint neXt. Keeping the mounting and secure bonding properties you already trust, we have now improved the plate-side adhesive to also ensure easiest demounting processes.​
tesa® Softprint neXt mounting
1. Mounting
Low tack for easy plate repositioning and fast mounting processes
tesa® Softprint neXt demounting
3. Demounting
Innovative plate-side adhesive for easy removal avoiding damage to the printing plate
tesa® Softprint neXt printing
2. Printing
Outstanding performance against plate edge lifting for uninterrupted print runs
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