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Certified Fire Protection in Railway Vehicles


SBF GmbH uses tesa® ACXplus 7072 to efficiently mount and secure their lighting modules. The tape fulfills the requirements of DIN EN 45545 for an "aluminum - tape – aluminum” design.

Innovative design

Light is life. This is the philosophy of SBF GmbH, one of the leading manufacturers of ceiling, wall, floor and front-end illumination systems for rail vehicles. However, light also means safety, design and energy consumption. Today, LED technology is the clear winner. It opens up flexibility concerning design and operating costs. In order to implement more delicate and elegant designs, SBF now relies on adhesive tapes during assembly.

tesa® ACXplus 7072 now with certified fire protection

The Leipzig-based company equips rail vehicles of all types with state-of-the-art LED technology. Efficient assembly and certified fire protection are possible thanks to the adhesive tape: tesa® ACXplus 7072.SBF: “Fire protection is an important topic for suppliers in the rail vehicle industry. Since nearly all projects now require a classification according to DIN EN 45545, the use of fire-protection certified materials is mandatory.” Together, tesa and SBF carried out various examinations and tests that ultimately confirmed the suitability of the adhesive tape, tesa® ACXplus 7072, for the current construction design. The solution meets the requirements of DIN EN 45545 under the condition of an aluminum - adhesive tape – aluminum - sandwich construction. Thus, the course was set for the application in large-scale production.

A more flexible production

The high-quality double-sided adhesive tape offers the company additional advantages that significantly improve the manufacturing process compared to the use of liquid adhesives. This solution can be smoothly integrated into the production process by way of problem-free storage and easy handling. The use of adhesive tapes also eliminates cure times. In addition, the tape prevents adhesive residues and thus, possible damages to optically high-quality areas in the visual area.

Adhesive tape as prefixing solution

The double-sided acrylic foam tape ACXplus 7072 is used as a spacer and prefixing solution. SBF chose tesa because of the specific installation situation. They use materials with different thermal expansion coefficients. The adhesive tape balances these differences very well.

R3 and HL3

SBF has already successfully applied tesa's high-quality adhesive tapes in other applications. SBF: "Previously, we did not have a product like tesa® ACXplus 7072 which corresponds to the requirements R3 and Class HL3." After successful assessment and positive experiences in assembly, further applications are now under examination. "The test result is a good indicator for using adhesive tape for similar indoor applications where good applicability and high process reliability are required."

Test tesa® ACXplus 7072!

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