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Reliable and debondable tapes for more sustainable designs


Smart and innovative tapes that debond on demand are enabling new product designs with the power to cut waste, boost recycling, enable product repairs and promote a circular economy across industries.

It might sound like a difficult task to sell adhesive tape that doesn’t always stay stuck. In fact, tesa’s innovative tapes that bond and debond on demand are gaining popularity with customers across markets worldwide.

These state-of-the-art tapes unlock new product designs that enable rework during manufacturing, repair during the use phase and recycling at the end of the life cycle. That means it’s possible to quickly and cleanly attach and detach these smart tapes to achieve reliable bond strength. 

As a result, Debonding on Demand (DoD) tapes are highly attractive for companies that want to save resources and position themselves as sustainability pioneers in their industry while getting ahead of competitors and regulatory changes.

A diverse and growing range of DoD methods is now being integrated into adhesive tapes for a huge variety of products, from car displays to ADAS, Electric Vehicle (EV) batteries and beyond. Making it possible to rework parts during production helps save resources and cut waste because errors can be corrected instead of scrapping material.

Scientific experts at tesa have already filed more than 20 patents for debondable adhesive tapes.

Repairing products extends their life cycle and eliminates the need to manufacture replacements. And enabling recycling of a broader range of products supports the transition to a circular economy, where materials stay in the economic cycle for longer and waste becomes a thing of the past.

tesa® Bond & Detach works with a simple yet reliable mechanism


Stretch-Release: Developed from the famous tesa® Powerstrips, these Bond & Detach® tapes feature a tab that users simply pull to remove the tape.

No need for extra equipment, high temperatures or agressive solvents that might damage high value components. The stretch mechnism ensures a residue free removal, leaving no traces to enable easy reuse of the parts without extensive cleaning.

tesa® Bond & Detach for Automotive displays

tesa® Bond & Detach for EV batteries

Enabling innovation for the automotive sector

In the automotive sector, by comparison, DoD adhesive tapes are only at the beginning of their journey. The road ahead still has plenty of twists and turns. The Council of the EU recently aligned new regulations to strengthen sustainability rules for batteries and waste batteries from production to reuse and recycling. 

Now, carmakers are starting to rev their engines in a race to grab fist-mover advantage in this industry. 

As electric cars gain popularity, there are additional opportunities to use DoD technologies in automotive applications such as battery mounting, cell mounting and battery box sealing. Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) also offer possibilities to support repair and recyclability in the automotive industry by enabling easier access to cameras, radar modules, electronic control units and other components within modern vehicles.


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