Together for the mobility of the future 

Triple expertise: tesa, Vulkan Technic, and Liebherr are elevating battery pack assembly for electric vehicles to a new level
  • The collaboration combines the products, competencies as well as processes of the partners into an ideal solution: 
  • With tesa® ACXplus 76730 Box Seal, tesa adds a new, flexible adhesive application that, in addition to the reliable, clean, and automated sealing of battery packs, also enables rework repair of the battery pack possible without any problems. 
  • Vulkan Technic delivers the appropriate application concept. 
  • Liebherr is responsible to implement the entire production process, as a general contractor 

Norderstedt – Launch of a new partnership: tesa, the international manufacturer of innovative adhesive tapes and self-adhesive system solutions, application equipment expert Vulkan Technic, and Liebherr, the professional for automation systems, combine their core competencies and bring a joint and fully automated assembly line for battery packs on the market. Battery packs represent the heart of every vehicle that is powered electrically. Previously, many individual companies/contacts were necessary for bonding and assembling these battery systems. Now, with an adhesive tape producer, a material manufacturer, and a general contractor working closely together, customers can get everything from a single source. Battery production is thus simplified by implementing an automated and tape-based solution.  

Perfect interaction of individual components  

Thanks to its suppleness and flexibility, the reliable adhesive tape solution from tesa can be attached to battery packs with lids as well as to battery packs that are directly connected to the underbody of a vehicle. tesa® ACXplus 76730 Box Seal does not require any curing times and can be applied easily and automatically without high demands on ambient temperature or humidity. Moreover, health and safety risks for users are minimized. 

This is where the two partners Liebherr and Vulkan Technic come into play. They take advantage of their expertise to ensure that the various technical requirements of the customers are met and all the necessary steps within the cooperation – from design, programming, production to commissioning – can take place.  

A holistic cooperation between specialist companies 

Already at the beginning of the year, tesa – who is responsible for the adhesive application – presented customers with a first demo version together with Vulkan Technic, an expert for special machines. "As one of the leading manufacturers of innovative and reliable adhesive solutions for the automotive industry, tesa supports its customers in developing new applications for electrically powered vehicles. With the market launch of the new tesa® ACXplus 76730 Box Seal, we not only wanted to bring an acrylic adhesive tape to the market that is characterized by strong performance and high flexibility, but also to offer a proper application concept. We then talked to our partner Vulkan Technic to set up first tests for such a concept," says Boris Kawa, Corporate Marketing Director Automotive at tesa.  

Sven Neumann, technical sales managerat Vulkan Technic, adds: "Together with tesa, we implemented the application of tesa® ACXplus Box Seal. The high flexibility of the adhesive tape, which is necessary to achieve 100% sealing with different gap dimensions, posed a particular challenge during the development process. However, we found an optimal solution and then implemented it technically." 

The interaction of an innovative adhesive solution and a fitting application also convinced Liebherr. "When tesa introduced us to the innovative tesa® ACXplus Box Seal, our interest was piqued. It promises a secure and automatable sealing of the battery pack, but at the same time also allows the battery pack cover to be dismantled for rework in the factory. This streamlines the production process because individual intermediate inspection testing can be replaced by a later end-of-line-testing, where the cover can be opened non-destructively. This is also interesting for the remanufacturing and recycling process of battery systems," says Viktor Bayrhof from Liebherr. 


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About tesa SE 

As a multinational company, tesa develops innovative adhesive tapes and self-adhesive system solutions for various industries, commercial customers, and end consumers. There are already more than 7,000 tesa adhesive solutions that help improve the work, products or lives of our customers. Today, the focus is on sustainability and energy-saving processes. tesa invests in the development of environmentally friendly products and solvent-free manufacture processes as well as in the use of renewable energy sources at its locations. 

tesa is active in 100 countries and operates plants in Germany, Italy, China, the USA, and soon also in Vietnam. Around three quarters of the tesa Group’s sales (2021: EUR 1,499 million euro) are generated by applications for industries. Together with its international clients, tesa develops innovations that are customized at product and process level. Already more than 130 tesa tapes may be installed in an electric car and over 70 in a smartphone. In the printing and construction industries, too, tesa is constantly penetrating new segments and countries with its special adhesive tapes. The company generates almost one quarter of its sales with products for end consumers and professional craftsmen. 300 applications, such as the legendary tesafilm®, make life easier or, when it comes to insect protection, even make it a bit more pleasant. tesa counts among the world’s leading manufacturers of adhesive solutions. Since 2001, tesa SE is an independent 100% affiliate of Beiersdorf AG (i.e., NIVEA, Eucerin, la prairie) with approx. 4,800 employees today. 

Combination of core competencies:

tesa, Vulkan Technic and Liebherr launching a joint and fully automated assembly line for battery packs.
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