tesa® TACK – Small everyday helpers for fast and clean mounting

Would you like to attach and remove photos, posters, and notes over and over again, without leaving traces the wall? Thanks to the new products from the tesa® TACK range which will be available on the German market in early 2017 this will be even easier in the future.

Small all-rounders: tesa® TACK Transparent Double-Sided Adhesive Pads

During your last vacation, you took many new snapshots; thus, the old ones must be replaced. Fortunately, the days of glue residues on the wall are long gone – thanks to tesa® TACK. With the transparent, double-sided adhesive pads, papers and light cardboards can be attached in a flash – and they can be peeled off again without any visible traces.

Colorful decoration helpers: tesa® TACK Coloured Adhesive Pads

Another colorful alternative to magnets and thumbtacks: the small adhesive pads in pink and blue. The colorful pads in three shapes are not only intelligent everyday helpers, but also an eye-catcher for every room. They are ideal for the decorative attaching of photos and postcards on adequately smooth materials, like glass or metal, and on wood. Thanks to their double-sided adhesive power, the pads can be attached on or under the paper. Favorite pieces do not only look great with these trendy helpers – they are also simply and reliably attached and can be replaced just as quickly.

Clean attaching of larger objects: TACK Transparent Double-Sided Adhesive Pads XL

The small adhesive pads are getting big support: With the XL adhesive pads, family planners and other larger papers can be attached quickly, simply, and cleanly on smooth surfaces. Just like the small pads, the big ones can also be reused and removed without residue.

tesa® TACK Adhesive Putty: for functional kneading and gluing fun

You would like to attach and cleanly remove large objects, such as flipcharts or posters, reliably and effortlessly? tesa has the ideal solution: TACK Adhesive Putty. The Adhesive Putty offers reliable hold for adequately firm materials on smooth surfaces, such as glass and metal, but also on uneven surfaces, such as wallpaper. By carefully pulling the putty, the objects can be removed without a trace.

Particularly handy: The smart adhesive solution can be flexibly portioned and may be used several times, just like the other products from the TACK range.

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