tesa® Smart Mounting System – The smart way of mounting

The world around us has become fast-paced. Every day, we are exposed to new im-pulses, and we therefore welcome amenities that make our life easier and more flex-ible especially in our stressful everyday office life. What if today even mounting could be as easy and quick, yet with a reliable hold?! The tesa® Smart Mounting Sys-tem offers a modern solution.

The invisible office helpers for transparent surfaces

Would you like to attach a calendar to the window in your office? Best use the tesa® Transparent Adhesive Hooks with the transparent tesa Powerstrips®, which can be removed without a trace. They allow you to mount objects of 0.2 kg up to 1 kg quickly and easily, and just as smoothly remove them or replace them with other ideas.

tesa® Adhesive Nail – reliable mounting and traceless removal

The foundation of the Adhesive Nail is the advanced tesa Powerstrips® technology. The adhesive solution provides reliable hold on smooth surfaces, such as tiles, and can now – for the first time and thanks to a newly developed strip – also be used on wallpaper or plaster. Unlike a conventional nail, it can be removed without leaving a trace. Thanks to its innovative holding device, you may mount picture frames quickly and easily – without using tools. The type of the strip varies depending on the surface and the holding power of a single Adhesive Nail ranges from up to 2 kg for wallpaper and plaster up to 4 kg for tiles.

A particularly smart alternative is offered by the tesa® Adjustable Adhesive Nail. It is height-adjustable; thus, pictures and other objects can be easily aligned.

tesa® Adhesive Screw – Reliable hold, even on rough surfaces

For mounting objects on rough, solid surfaces, such as brick or concrete, there now are Adhesive Screws with holding devices in various forms. The rectangular Adhesive Screws with a holding power of up to 5 kg are perfect – for example – for mounting a shelf on a stone wall. The Nie-wieder-Bohren technology, in combination with the holding devices made of pressed copper beads, guarantees a strong hold. The use of several Adhesive Screws can increase the holding power accordingly.

Unlike conventional nails and screws, these smart alternatives can all be removed without leaving a trace and are simply reusable by using a new strip.

Ideal products for any surface

The current tesa range offers a total of 48 adhesive solutions, which DIY stores, as well as grocery and stationary shops display in a new and clear style, divided by different surfaces: transparent, such as glass; smooth, such as tiles; sensitive, such as wallpaper or plaster; and rough surfaces, such as brick or concrete.

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