Seal it up – when temperatures are sinking while costs are rising: With tesamoll® you may reduce energy consumption by up to 40%

  • tesamoll® insulation strips can be attached in no time and reliably protect your home from drafts and cold.
  • During a heating season, consumers may reduce energy consumption by up to 40% simply by sealing leaky windows and doors with tesamoll®.
  • Use the up-to-date Energy Savings Calculator at to determine individual cost savings in just a few steps.


Norderstedt – According to the Federal Statistical Office, there are currently more than 40 million apartments in residential and non-residential buildings in Germany. [1] More than 40% of all buildings fall into the category of post-war buildings that were built between 1945 and 1976. [2] Thus, if you live in an inadequately renovated old building, you should be very worried about the cold season due to exploding energy prices. Among the major problem areas in particular count old windows and doors, through which heat may escape and cold air is drawn into the interior of the house.

tesa, the international manufacturer of innovative adhesive tapes and self-adhesive system solutions, would like to support its customers to get through the winter more economically. There are now expert tips, recommendations and even a newly launched Energy Savings Calculator for all items in the tried and tested tesamoll® assortment. The calculator is easily accessible via the company website. This allows tenants, apartment and house owners to calculate in just a few steps which tesamoll® products they can use to further reduce their heating costs. All you have to do is enter the relevant data, such as the gap width and the length of the frame you wish to seal, and you will receive a recommendation for the right product from our assortment and a guideline for possible cost savings. Assuming the size of an average German apartment of around 70-80m², in which around 7-10 windows with a gap width of 2mm are installed, an average gas price of 30 cents per kWh may save approx. 30 euros per month. With a product service life of several years – for tesamoll® Premium Flexible even 15 years – the application pays off after the first year and for the following heating periods.

Don't throw money out the window

tesamoll® offers consumers a relatively inexpensive alternative to save on heating costs. The durable Moll strips can be attached without tools, there's no need to call a professional craftsman. "This year, tesamoll® is undoubtedly gaining in importance. The demand is constantly increasing, a trend that is clearly noticeable. Many consumers are currently considering how they may reduce their heating costs in the coming months. New windows are often not an option because of financial reasons alone, apart from the fact that such a complex project is not done overnight due to severe supply bottlenecks and a shortage of craftsmen.

Thanks to the tesamoll® assortment, you can take quick, uncomplicated and cost-effective measures to winterize your own four walls. We are available to advise all end customers who have questions about the application via our website or our tesa customer support," says Arne Ruthenbeck, Head of Brand Experience at tesa.

tesamoll® – already a good idea almost 70 years ago

It was already a good idea back in the days, and today it's more valuable than it has been for a long time: tesamoll® was developed in 1954 and, with the self-adhesive profile seal made of plastic foam, provided cozy warmth in many draughty German post-war apartments. As we all know, the buildings had suffered greatly during the war, and there was hardly any building material available. The elastic material proved to be a boon against leaky windows and doors. Over the years, tesamoll® has become indispensable for many consumers, as TÜV Nord confirmed in its customer satisfaction study, where tesamoll® achieved a positive rating of 95%. [3] This doesn't come as a surprise, because the self-adhesive sealing strips or rubber profiles ensure almost 100% sealing even with wider gaps and enable consumers to save up to 40% energy. [4] tesamoll® has a high weather, temperature, UV as well as ozone resistance and is durable, in the premium version even up to 15 years.

Almost 70 years after its launch, this winter tesamoll® may once again prove particularly useful for some households. This way, you may save yourself a bit of the worry of high energy costs.

Further information about the tesamoll® assortment is available here.

You can find the up-to-date Energy Savings Calculator here.






[3] TÜV Nord – Tested Customer Satisfaction 2014

[4] Ratings by the independent engineering office ebök, Tübingen, specializing in energy management.

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