New name for Labtec GmbH

tesa Group pharma division consolidates its strengths

On February 1, 2013, Labtec GmbH begins operating under the new name of tesa Labtec GmbH. The global tesa Group integrates development and production of transdermal patches and fast-dissolving oral films under one roof.

tesa SE acquired Labtec GmbH at the end of 2008 as a wholly owned affiliate. Founded in 1990, the company specializes in developing transdermal patches (Transfilm®) and fast-dissolving oral films (Rapidfilm®).

Concurrently, the technology group invested around EUR 18 million in a clean room unit at the tesa plant in Hamburg-Hausbruch accommodating a 6000 square meters, state-of-the-art pharmaceutical production facility. The site is one of the most modern in Europe and covers every aspect of pharmaceutical development and production processes including adhesive mixing and compounding, coating, converting, and packaging. The regulatory approval to manufacture pharmaceutical products was obtained in March 2011, and since then numerous clinical trial products were manufactured. Development capacity was doubled which proved to be crucial for the successful expansion of partnerships with internationally renowned pharmaceutical companies, both from the branded and generic sectors.

Effective February 1, the pharmaceuticals unit of tesa Werk Hamburg GmbH, Labtec GmbH, and the pharma business unit at tesa SE have been consolidated to form the new tesa Labtec GmbH. The tesa affiliate’s operating units continue to be located in Hamburg and Langenfeld. The Managing Directors in charge are Dr. Ingo Lehrke, Joachim Suesse and Dr. Heinrich Koch.

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