New adhesive solutions make furniture construction easier

Adhesive solutions specialist tesa displays a broad range of self-adhesive products at the “interzum” trade fair. Furniture fronts, borders, strips, moldings and mirrors can be installed simply and cleanly with them. tesa presents two new developments: The high-tech tape tesa® ACXplus 7044 in grey and white, manufactured with a silicone-free liner, for bonding glass and aluminum; and tesa 51865 Profile FIT, a particularly thin tape especially for strip surfaces.

Whether lightweight construction, new materials, material mix or complex designs: The requirements in furniture construction are more and more demanding. So that furniture manufacturers can satisfy customer requests at any time and at the same time streamline production, tape specialist tesa has developed several special solutions for furniture production. With these tapes, fronts, glass doors, door handles, mirrors, back panels or even décor panels made of glass, wood, MDF or PMMA can be installed safely, cleanly and reliably.

At the interzum, the international trade fair for the furniture production sector, tesa will present numerous uses for the furniture industry May 5 to 8. Semjon Schluger, tesa Industry CEU Market Manager, promises an interesting fair experience: “We will have a large cabinet at our stand with a showcase to demonstrate the bonding of furniture fronts with foam adhesive tapes and ACXplus, the bonding of strips and moldings including LED with thin tapes with film backing as well as the bonding of glass, mirror and metal surfaces with ACXplus.” tesa will also exhibit solutions in the field of transport protection and temporary attachment.

Of particular interest are the fair innovations: tesa ACXplus 7044 in grey and white and tesa 51865 Profile FIT.

  • ACXplus 7044 was available in transparent and black. Now tesa is also offering the high-tech tape in grey and white. “We are staying in line with customer requests,” explains Schluger. “The new colors are particularly suited to bonding glass on aluminum – a material mix that is currently very popular.”ACXplus is a particularly strong adhesive on materials with different surface properties. The viscoelastic properties of tesa® ACXplus make sure the tensions that arise are optimally compensated for. Blistering when bonding aluminum on glass is clearly less visible.
  • tesa 51865 Profile FIT is a new tape, only 165 μm thin, with a synthetic substrate particularly apt for strips and moldings in the furniture sector. It adheres very well to different surfaces and has two different strongly adhesive sides. One side is suitable for smooth profile surfaces; the other for the sometimes difficult requirements of different types of surfaces. tesa 51865 Profile FIT adheres to wood/veneer, MDF, corrugated cardboard, steel, aluminum and various plastics.

Reliable assembly, more efficient processes

Adhesive tapes offer furniture manufacturers completely new possibilities for design and construction in joining different materials or in the attachment of lighting elements. Apart from particularly easy, safe and clean installation, they score with further advantages: “Compared to bolting, riveting or bonding with liquid adhesives, the use of tapes can make substantial process and design improvements,” explains Market Manager Schluger. “In contrast to riveting or bolting, the surfaces remain intact and are not mechanically weakened.”

Beyond that, tapes can compensate for the different expansion properties of different materials, as can arise for example with variations in temperature. In addition, the distribution of forces at the bonding site is more favorable, since it is flat and not concentrated at specific points. This reduces material fractures and increases carrying capacity.

In production the drying times and cleaning needed with liquid adhesives are dispensed with. Also, no poisonous outgassing occurs, so that the process becomes altogether more efficient and cleaner.

The double-sided tapes from tesa are available in various thicknesses and with special properties for a variety of different applications. There are products as hand or long rollers or as punched parts. In addition, tesa offers a broad spectrum of one-sided tape solutions for transport security and assembly aids as well as for permanent attachment.

You will find tesa at Interzum in Cologne from May 5 to 8, 2015, Hall 6.1 / Booth B-055.

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