Innovative: the tesa Glue Stamp ecoLogo®

The Glue Stamp ecoLogo® is the latest addition to tesa's PBS-range, the pioneer of greener office products. It allows users to glue even faster and easier. Besides its effi-cient use, the Glue Stamp also convinces with great adhesive power and product sustainability.

At home or in the office: Despite advancing digitalization, invoices, photos and paper notes still play an important role in the everyday life of many consumers. To ensure that at least one of the work steps can be quickly carried out offline, tesa has the right solution for you – the glue stamp!

Super-fast and extremely strong

The tesa Glue Stamp ecoLogo® – available on the German market since January 2017 – scores with great efficiency and is very easy to use: Position it, press it down, and you've applied a double-sided adhesive pad. The 8.4 mm x 8.4 mm pad offers a super strong and permanent adhesion. Furthermore, the innovative way of applying the adhesive ensures precise and clean gluing. It's so quick and easy – even filing invoices becomes a walk in the park; thus, the Glue Stamp is an essential item in any office or home.

Extension of the ecoLogo® range

This new product is not only a smart everyday helper, but also more environmentally friendly. Thus, the Glue Stamp is part of the tesa ecoLogo® range. The product line with sustainable content is characterized by the use of recycled and more environmentally friendly materials. The same holds true for the Glue Stamp: The housing is made of 100% recycled plastic and the adhesive is solvent-free. In the ecoLogo® range, the stamp belongs to the roller glues – both based on a double-sided adhesive pad. The Adhesive Roller-range is growing steadily and is being actively developed – the Glue Stamp gives the assortment yet another boost.

Market innovation in traditional quality

With its innovative gluing method, the strong adhesive force and the more sustainable materials, the Glue Stamp stands for the renowned tesa quality. This is also shown by a market research analysis: The participants perceive the article as unique, clever, innovative and very consistent with the company’s values. Furthermore, tesa is the first manufacturer to offer the Glue Stamp on the European market and is thus taking another step towards a new direction for innovation.  

Versatile marketing mix

To fully exploit the potential of the Glue Stamp, tesa relies on an extensive marketing mix. The distribution focuses on the office supplies wholesale and the PBS specialist trade. In addition, the product can also be purchased in grocery and drugstore branches, as well as online. At the point of sale, we work with informative packaging and strong displays, which clearly communicate the most important advantages of the stamp. The counter display has a test station where the consumers can directly convince themselves of the easy handling of the Glue Stamp. Further sales promotion measures are also being taken: A detailed landing page on the tesa website, as well as various creative ideas for the end user.

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