Paperworld 2014: Colorful and extravagant - tesa's limited editions

Jolly in pink and light blue or elegant in the black & white vintage design of the sixties the tesafilm® desk dispensers Easy Cut Compact and Easy Cut Frame in limited edition present themselves fancily different.

A new year, a new look - also for your workplace. To embellish the desk with witty office accessories is fun and does not cost much. Just in time for the beginning of the new year, tesa creates a sensation with three new releases.

Easy Cut Compact now also in pink and light blue
Pink like a scoop of raspberry ice cream, light blue like a bouquet of Forget-Me-Not – with the limited edition of the tesafilm® desk dispenser Easy Cut Compact, spring comes to the office already in January. The practical aide in fresh and friendly color shades lifts the mood, making even a gray winter day shine in a brighter light.

Easy Cut Frame with adhesive film in vintage design
Equipped with a black & white patterned roll core in vintage chic, the new limited edition of the tesafilm® desk dispenser Easy Cut Frame offers a brilliant liaison of shape, color and functionality. The clear, minimalist design gives the office accessory a stylish look that will delight not only James Bond fans.

Extra strong hold thanks to the tesa® Stop Pad
The tesafilm® desk dispensers Easy Cut Compact and Easy Cut Frame have a practical feature in common: The extra strong anti-slip coating on the bottom. The so-called tesa® Stop Pad prevents annoying slithering on the work surface. This way, the tape can be pulled off easily with only one hand.

No matter where the Easy Cut Compact or the Easy Cut Frame are needed - the refillable dispensers can be moved around any number of times, without leaving adhesive remains. The holding force of the tesa® Stop Pad is durable and, if soiled, can be reactivated by using a damp cloth.

Limited editions are available only for a short time
As of January 2014, the special limited editions are commercially available. The tesafilm® desk dispenser Easy Cut Compact in pink or light blue - including a 10 meter long and 15 millimeter wide tesafilm® roll crystal clear - is offered for sale for 5.99 € (MSRP). The tesafilm® desk dispenser Easy Cut Frame in the Black & White Edition - including a 33 meter long and 19 millimeter wide vintage roll tesafilm® - costs 11.89 € (MSRP).

In terms of style, always a step ahead
Since more than 75 years, tesa is considered an expert for elegant, functional office products that meet the modern zeitgeist. Since the tesa® adhesive film launch in 1936, tesafilm® is an indispensable daily helper that today be found on almost every desk. In combination with the desk dispensers Easy Cut Frame and Easy Cut Compact, the classic adhesive film transforms into a chic trendsetter.

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