Annual Press Conference: Brand realignment in the end consumer segment, product optimization through tesa® Stop Pad technology

In tesa’s business with consumers as well as the commercial business with professional craftsmen, the company benefited from the gradual revival of the European market. In particular, DIY markets were able to gain market share as opposed to traditional retailers. The Internet is also becoming increasingly important as an additional sales channel for adhesive tapes, as it is for other products. Purely Internet-based providers are playing a role in this development, alongside retailers that operate consumer stores and shops as well as online shops of their own, such as office supply retailers.
tesa continues strong brand campaign
In 2014, the tesa Consumer & Craftsmen Germany business unit is focusing on continuing the brand campaign launched last October for the German and Austrian consumer markets. In a study conducted by market research agency GfK in November 2012 to analyze the status of the tesa brand, 98 percent of respondents stated that they are familiar with tesa’s products as handy everyday helpers. To keep brand awareness at this high level, the company aims to maintain a stronger presence in important communication channels, ensuring that the extensive world of tesa products is unmistakable and distinctive to customers and that the Hamburg-based company’s premium positioning “sticks” better in the minds of end consumers. A cross-media advertising campaign involving TV commercials and activities at the point of sale as well as in the online segment is focusing on what the brand promises.

The new advertising claim “Am besten tesa
(“tesa is best”) is being used together with the tesa brand color scheme to send a clear signal amid the competition – a standardized brand image that, used stringently, sets the bright blue accent color front and center in all communications. This allows tesa to evoke strong recognition among end customers. All of the activities in the campaign focus on the product and what it promises to accomplish.

Desktop dispensers: special coating delivers secure hold
In the world of tesa products, tesa is setting new standards with the tesafilm® desktop dispenser: The launch of the innovative Stop Pad technology makes all dispensers more user-friendly, since they can now be used with just one hand. This is made possible by the tesa® Stop Pad built right into the underside of the dispenser, which prevents it from slipping and sliding around on the desk. The dispensers can now be removed and repositioned anytime without leaving any sticky residue behind. If needed, the adhesive force of the Stop Pad can be reactivated by simply cleaning it with water. Another advantage of this special coating is that tesa® Stop Pad technology makes tesa desktop dispensers lighter than other standard commercially available products, and yet they still guarantee absolute stability. With the Easy Cut Frame and Easy Cut Compact desktop dispensers in high-end design, launched in 2014 in new colors and special limited editions, tesa is tapping into further target groups in the commercial and home office segments. At the Paperworld trade fair in January 2014, tesa also presented a desktop dispenser equipped with the Stop Pad for the value price segment. The Smart ecoLogo® dispenser offers price-sensitive consumers a low-cost, environmentally friendly alternative. A successor to the desktop dispenser savings packs, it is impressive for its small, ergonomic shape, matte black surface, and ecofriendliness: The housing is made of 100% recycled plastic.

Bathroom range: successful at the point of sale throughout Europe
With a full range of 55 self-adhesive hooks and storage systems, tesa is positioning itself in the plumbing and bath sections of hardware and home improvement stores all over Europe. A new display developed exclusively for tesa attaches to standard pegboard retail shelf systems and uses different-colored background lighting with LED strips to establish a clear visual separation between the individual subcategories, creating a self-contained sales experience with added value for customers. The module has garnered multiple prestigious German and international awards. At the start of 2014, the sanitary shelf system was represented at over 500 leading hardware and home improvement stores in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland alone.
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