Annual Press Conference - tesa Consumer: Europe-wide positioning in plumbing and bath de-partments – awards for retail displays and sustainability

In tesa’s consumer business, the home improvement and DIY sector con-tinues to be highly important, since it promises positive development pros-pects on a sustained basis. Overall, tesa has been able to assert itself in this segment, achieving growth in 2012 despite the tough market environment in Europe. This accomplishment was driven by two major factors: the stable economic situation in Central and Northern Europe, and various innovations.
Award-winning point of sale display
With a full range of self-adhesive hooks and storage systems, tesa is positioning itself in the plumbing and bath sections of hardware and home improvement stores all over Europe. An innovative display that attaches to standard pegboard retail shelf systems uses different-colored background lighting with LED strips to create a clear visual separation between the individual subcategories. At the Viscom trade fair held in Frankfurt in 2012, the new development won the coveted Superstar Award for POS displays in the metal systems category. The judges had special praise for the integration of helpful product information, which – according to retail sector specifications – is usually limited to ten centimeters on each side of a display. This space has now been set at a slight angle, so there is twice as much room available, delivering informal added value. Relevant additional benefits are provided by a POS video and a moving acrylic surface that offers an opportunity to actually feel various products.

A “green” success story now more colorful
The days when environmental consciousness was inseparably associated with plain brown wrapping are definitely behind us. The tesafilm® Mini Dispenser ecoLogo® and the tesa Mini Roller Correction ecoLogo® have been available since December 2012, bringing more color to everyday life, including working life: Both products combine environmental protection and appealing design, while also attracting attention with their fresh colors. In January, the German Association of the Paper, Office Supplies and Stationery Industry (Industrieverband Papier, Bürobedarf, Schreibwaren) named both of them products of the year for 2013 in the category of sustainability. tesa first launched its ecoLogo® product range back in 2010, and ever since then has carried products made using ecofriendly methods and materials, including adhesive tapes and dispensers, packing tapes, double-sided adhesive tapes, glue sticks, and correction tape dispensers. The move has made the company a leading figure in the “green wave” sweeping the office supply and stationery segments.

Stylish desktop dispensers: a perfect marriage of form and function
With the launch of tesa® tape desk dispensers with a high-end look, tesa is tapping into additional target groups in the commercial and home office segments. The black tesa® Easy Cut Compact and tesa® Easy Cut Frame desktop dispensers, which became available in winter 2012, are more than just a pretty face. As with all applications from tesa, functionality is key. Maximum stability at a low weight was the goal, since that is the only way to guarantee problem-free dispensing of tesafilm® transparent adhesive tape without the dispenser tipping or sliding. The new models are easy to use with just one hand. It’s all possible thanks to innovative tesa® Stop Pad technology: The tesa® Stop Pad on the underside of the dispenser keeps it standing securely, and prevents it from slipping on the desk.
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