tesa® Smart Mounting System sets trends on the DIY market; growth strategy for the craftsmen segment

In step with the times and right in line with consumers’ needs that perfectly describes the innovative products developed within tesa’s Consumer & Craftsmen business unit. Worldwide, more than 500 million objects are attached to walls every year. Three-quarters of them weigh less than five kilograms, and half are attached to sensitive surfaces. By launching the tesa® Smart Mounting System, the company is responding to growing consumer demand for simple, fast, and reliable solutions to meet their affixing needs.

The premium product range is setting trends on the DIY market. It encompasses 48 products tailored precisely to the needs and requirements of the target group. The Smart Mounting System reflects consumers’ desire for a modern, uncomplicated lifestyle.

Innovation through research
With maximum ease of use, these products allow consumers to turn creative ideas for their living space into reality, even without traditional tools like a hammer or drill. To accomplish this, proven technologies like Powerbond® and Powerstrips® have been further developed for additional applications. Powerstrips®, for example, now also offer a secure bond on sensitive surfaces such as wallpaper or fine plaster, and they can be removed without leaving a trace. This innovation is based on a foam core that can compensate for uneven areas. Combined with a layer of adhesive with a more liquid consistency on the wall side, this enlarges the contact area – and thus the surface area of the adhesive bond. According to market surveys, the highlights of the product range – height-adjustable Adhesive Nails and extra-strong Adhesive Screws – should make a particular contribution to sales growth.

International marketing campaign makes a splash
The product range is initially being launched in Germany and nine other European countries, including Poland, Belgium, Italy, and France. To anchor the positioning of the tesa® Smart Mounting System on a lasting basis, tesa is investing in an extensive marketing campaign. Sales-boosting placements at the point of sale, attractive sampling and test promotions, and ads in specialized media support the holistic marketing approach used for the Smart Mounting System. Online activities geared toward dialogue and social media campaigns via YouTube and Facebook raise the profile further and create additional incentives to buy. In their role as highly qualified sales multipliers, employees of retail partners are being actively integrated into the process as well. Interactive product and training materials give them valuable knowledge that gives their expertise in advising customers a definitive boost.

tesa expands market presence for its brand for craftsmen
With the tesa® Professional line, the company is further expanding its position on the market in the craftsmen segment. The company’s new growth strategy, headed by the motto “Ganz nah, ganz stark” (translates roughly to “Very close, very strong”), lays the groundwork for a close relationship with the craftsmen. tesa is a reliable partner, assisting professional users with demand-driven products and specialized expertise. Alongside the high-quality product range, the tesa® Professional line is also impressive for its attractive services, which ensure firm solidarity with the customer. A team of tesa® field reps operates throughout Germany and can even visit contractors at a construction site upon request. Expert tesa® advisors also offer special training sessions online or on-site.

New professional portal strengthens the company’s brand image
A new website is lending the company’s brand image additional presence. The professional portal at www.tesa.de/handwerker offers a handy product finder feature for professional users. Professionals can also learn which applications from the tesa® Professional range suit their particular needs best by browsing through clear and descriptive examples. One especially worthwhile feature is the site’s videos, which offer a valuable service. In the videos, two tesa® application technicians answer questions from everyday professional practice while also giving viewers a chance to check out their tesa “bag of tricks.”

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