Noise Damping

Noise Damping
Automotive Wire Harnessing Protection

Increase passenger’s comfort by our noise damping tapes

It's all about comfort for the passenger. Noises within the car are annoying and should be reduced to a minimum. As for e-mobility the combustion engine and its sound are eliminated, noises from other components become more prominent. Therefore, noise cancelling is even more important for passenger comfort.


tesa’s products for noise damping are based on two backing materials: PET fleece and PA velour backings withstand all challenges over a car lifetime like mechanical and chemical stress or temperature variations while maintaining noise protection combined with further characteristics such as abrasion resistance, hand tearability, and availability for automatic bundling.

Key benefits

  • Basic to high noise damping performance
  • Basic to high abrasion resistance performance
  • Flexible and smooth appearance
  • Tear resistant for secure bundling of harnesses
  • Stable unwind force for constant behavior when applying
  • Ageing resistance performance and cable compatibility 

Basic Noise Damping Tapes

High Noise Damping Tapes

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