Muntin Bars

Mounting of Window Trims

Improve the aesthetics of your windows by adding trims and profiles with an adhesive tape.

Trims and profiles  are frequently added around windows to give them a more aesthetic and modern design or to connect them with walls and window sills. We offer double-sided tapes for the indoors and outdoors, which are certified by external test institutes, to provide you with the application solution you need.

Muntin Bars

Muntin bar

Muntin bar

Our high-performance tapes can be used to permanently bond decorative SDL / muntin bars to windows. Our tapes are designed to work with a variety of substrates including wood, aluminum, PVC, composite materials, and more!

Our tapes overcome the following challenges:

  • Outdoor conditions
  • Varying levels of thermal expansion and contraction in different material
  • Gaps compensation

Plastering Trims

Plastering trims

Plastering trims

The benefits of our double-sided foam tapes when it comes to creating a durable bond between PVC and PVC under outdoor conditions (UV, various temperatures, humidity):

  • Watertight
  • Flexible and conformable
  • High immediate adhesion
  • Reliable: ift test report No. 105 329 48 / 2 R1

Window Skirting Trims

Window skirtings

Window skirtings

The benefits of our double-sided foam tapes when it comes to creating a durable bond between PVC and glass under outdoor conditions (UV, various temperatures, humidity):

  • Appliable at -10 °C
  • UV and outdoor resistant
  • Reliable: ift test report No. 105 422 02



ift proof of performance – Structure connection of windows

tesa® 62939 – ift test report No. 105 329 48 / 2 R1

tesa® 62957 – ift test report No. 15-002458-PR03


ift proof of performance – Adhesive bond of glazing bars to IGU

tesa® 62512 – ift test report No. 14-002387-PR02

tesa® 7066 – ift test report No. 14-002387-PR03