High Performance Solutions for Intelligent Cars

Adhesive expertise for a more connected cabin experience


Comfort and Infotainment
Display Mounting and Integration
Solutions with excellent bonding performance, superior shock absorbance and dynamic stress resistance in critical environmental conditions.

Versions for primerless mounting enable faster processing.

Components for ADAS
Structural Mounting
Adhesive solutions for extremely strong bonding, even on small areas.
Electronic Device
Assembly of Electronic Devices
Product solutions with low VOC content.

Special features include anti-repulsion performance, high temperature resistance and differential bonding.

Optical Bonding and Lamination

Cover Glass
Cover Glass Lamination
Tape solutions enable easy processing and guarantee high transmission and UV resistance.
Functional Layer Lamination
Solutions with special outgassing resistance on plastic substrates.

They enable easy processing and guarantee high transmission and UV resistance.

Electrical Management

Automotive Electronics
Excellent electrical conductivity in XYZ direction.

Versions with excellent shielding properties are available.

Thermal Management

Entry Trim
Heat Sink Mounting
Bubble free lamination with good conductivity.


Surface Protection
Adhesive solutions show excellent gliding (PE-UHMW) or dampening (PET fleece) properties.

Highly transparent films with residue free removal are available. They show excellent light blocking performance and repulsion resistance.