tesa’s products bring together what belongs together. The same applies to our sustainability agenda, which is the core of our business strategy.

For Environment, Customers and Society

Our Strategy: For Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

The climate crisis and other environmental problems are posing enormous challenges to both tesa and society as a whole. And time is running out. If we have any hope to change the course of our future, many different players will need to contribute. And we as a company have to do our part, too. At tesa, we are convinced that sustainability is not simply a trend but actually the most important topic of our time. It is for this reason that we have made “sustainable growth” a core element of our corporate strategy. Our sustainability agenda clearly defines how to align our three pillars of Environment, Customers and, Society. Since 2020, this has applied to the whole company and serves as a benchmark for all of our strategic decisions – today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Our Agenda

From circular economy and climate neutral business to promoting young talent: tesa’s new sustainability agenda covers seven key areas. These goals fall under the three overarching sustainability objectives we’ve implemented to strengthen our business – and we are committed to devoting more work here going forward. Currently, we have ambitious goals already in place and plan to integrate more in the future. As a signatory of the United Nations (UN) Global Compact committed to adhering to its ten principles, our commitment also contributes towards the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN.

For Our Environment
We are continually reducing our ecological footprint along the entire product life cycle. By staying committed to our sustainability goals, we are contributing towards climate protection, circular economies, and responsible use of resources.
Our Focus Our Customers
It is our responsibility to make products that are durable and safe. We are continuously increasing our range of sustainable products to help our customers reach their own sustainability goals.
For Employees and Society
Fair working conditions ensure that our employees remain healthy, happy, and motivated – regardless of whether they work directly for the company or are employed along the value chain. Furthermore we also support the next generation of innovative minds as part of our social commitment.

Facts & Figures

of the electricity comes from renewable energies*
*of electricity purchased worldwide by the end of 2020
reduction of energy-related CO2 emissions*
*from 2001 to 2019 per ton of finished product
5 Mio €
tesa donates for organizations in the fight against Corona*
*year 2020
new adhesive tape solutions every year, many petitioned
125 years
experience with innovative product solutions
Sustainability Report
Sustainability Report
Want to find out more information about our commitment to sustainability? Click here for our current sustainability report. It describes tesa’s performance, successes, and challenges in the current fiscal year.