Duct tapes:
Versatile adhesive solutions
for industry

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High versatililty
ensuring good performance for a large number of industrial applications, such as repairs, protection, joining and reinforcement, indoors or out.
Hand tearable
Hand-tearable and easy to apply
with high adhesive tack on most surfaces such as metals, plastics, concrete, or brick-work. 
Robust and durable
to resist temperature extremes, UV, water, abrasion and ageing. 
Highly conformable
even on rough surfaces and in harsh environments. 
depending on specification.
Holding of plastic films
Temporary masking


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Duct tape: FAQs

Can duct tape be used as an alternative to electrical tape?

No. Always check the specification of tape to confirm whether it has been approved as safe for electrical use. Using the wrong type of type in electrical applications can be extremely dangerous. Electrical tape is designed especially for use in electrical applications and should be used for insulating wires and other conductors of electricity.