Smart Rings

Adhesive solutions for intelligent and stylish devices.

Smart wearable devices are getting smaller and more powerful every day. The smart ring is especially small and can be worn almost without being noticed. It is available in many different designs with a varying range of functions and integrates the latest technology in a limited space. Smart rings are complex electronic devices that are exposed to many external influences during daily use. 

What are smart rings?

Smart rings, like smartwatches, fitness trackers or wristbands, come under the wearables category. They are intelligent rings, worn on the finger like normal rings. They are fitted with the latest electronics and, depending on the model type, feature different functions and possible applications. Intelligent rings are capable of functions similar to smartwatches or fitness trackers. Compared to the latter devices, they have the advantage of being much smaller and being hardly any hindrance to the wearer in everyday life. Smart rings can be connected to a smartphone wirelessly and allow the user to use his phone while it’s still in your pocket.

Different studies predict an enormous market potential for smart rings. The average growth rate of the smart ring market is expected to be almost 20 percent by 2025.

Smart rings components and adhesive applications

Smart rings need components like batteries, NFC chips, radio modules, status displays, microphones, vibrator modules and sensors. A microcontroller is needed to operate the different components. The electronic components are encased by a sturdy ring housing made of high-quality skin-compatible material. Tiny displays or operating elements can be integrated in the housing.

 Adhesive solutions are often used for the assembly of these components. Below you will find an overview of the most common applications for smart rings:

  • Battery mounting
  • FPCs mounting
  • PCBs mounting
  • Antenna mounting
  • Sensor mounting
  • Shielding and grounding
  • Covering

Hardware requirements

The small size of the smart rings is the biggest challenge for the hardware. Numerous miniaturized electrical components have to be accommodated in a limited space. The rings should be comfortable to wear and at the same time look good. High-quality materials have to be used that reliably protect the ring and its internal workings against the many external influences of daily use and constant movement. A further challenge is that the ring has to be individually adjustable to different finger sizes. This is the only way it can be worn comfortably and securely. This results in a range of different requirements for the adhesive solutions used.

High bonding strength
Chemical resistance
Impact resistance
LSE performance

Adhesive solutions for smart rings

Every project is individual and has specific requirements. Our ambition is always to provide you with the most suitable solution. Our existing product portfolio offers established, reliably high-performance adhesive systems with specialized properties to meet your demands. In addition, we are able to develop tailor-made solutions in a cooperative partnership.​

​Please contact us directly or ask your local representative about your possibilities.

Solutions for your success

Assortment Exemplary case studies Use this assortment when your main requirements are
Double-sided Film Tapes • Lens mounting
• Battery mounting
• FPC mounting
• Very good bonding
• Good wetting
• Efficient die-cutting
• Specific properties (e.g., Anti-repulsion, Chemical resistant, Differential bonding properties, bonding on LSE substrates and many more) 
Acrylic Foam Tapes • Lens mounting
• Back cover mounting
• Component mounting
• Superior bonding
• Superior impact resistance
• Very good sealing and waterproofing
• Chemical resistance
PE Foams Tapes • Lens mounting
• Back cover mounting
• Component mounting
• Impact resistance
• Anti-repulsion
• Reworkability
Synthetic Foam Tapes • Battery mounting
• Back cover mounting
• Superior, residue-free removability
• Quick bonding properties, even on LSE substrates
• Impact resistance
Bond & Detach® • Battery mounting
• Component mounting
• Superior, residue-free removability
• Impact resistance
Structural Bonding Solutions • Lens mounting
• Back cover mounting
• Fabric mounting
• Component mounting
• Superior bonding power, even on small bonding areas
• Superior sealing properties
• Anti-repulsion
• Chemical resistance
Electrically Conductive Tapes • Grounding
• Shielding
• Conductive gap-filling
• Electrical conductivity
• EMI shielding