Primerless PE foam tape

PE foam tapes
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industrial applications

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Automotive emblem mounting
Appliances emblem mounting illustration
Emblem mounting for appliances
Appliances refrigerator decorative trim mounting illustration
Trim mounting for appliances
ITC Mounting_Aviation_2560x1440
Mounting of functional trims and profiles
Mirror Mounting Recreational Vehicly Industry
Mounting of mirrors
Fixation of decorative panels in elevators
Mounting of decorative panels
Solar frame bonding - 1st generation solar module
Solar frame bonding
Lens mounting in electronic devices
tesa®_Architectural Panels
Mounting of glass panels
Bonding power
Immediate bonding strength
Impact resistance
Shear resistance

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Our PE foam tapes are designed to meet a multitude of today’s manufacturing challenges. Want consulting on choosing the right tape for your application? Get in touch with our tape experts – we will be able to advise and guide you to the right product for your needs.


Individual PE Foam tape developement - an example

For decades, adhesive tapes that needed a primer were standard in the automotive industry for bonding small plastic parts with low and medium surface energy. A procedure that was both time-consuming and hazardous.

After listening to the needs of the sector, tesa developed the specialized double-sided PE foam tape tesa® 649xx so manufacturers can skip the primer application entirely. The foam tapes’ high-performance adhesive enables secure bonding of low surface energy materials (LSE), like PP or EPDM surfaces, and medium surface energy (MSE), like ABS surfaces. All without the need for a primer.

This innovation from tesa greatly increases application efficiency without sacrificing adhesion. It stands out as a prime example of our distinct sense for different markets and their requirements. The PE foam tape reaches ultimate bonding strength right away with no need for dwell time, improving production turnaround times as a result. It also works effectively in both hot and cold environments, making it the superior choice for plants where temperatures can be extreme. What’s more, it also improves the working environment by removing harmful materials and reduces the need to maintain extraction equipment.


Should I choose a PE foam tape or an acrylic foam tape?

Both PE foam and acrylic foam tapes are widely used for industrial applications. PE foam tapes are often preferred for applications that require compensation of uneven surfaces, levelling of tensions and a certain shock resistance. Acrylic foam tapes in general provide an improved stress relaxation, energy absorption and higher bonding strength and are therefore used for very demanding industrial applications.

Please reach out to our technical experts to discuss your project in detail and find the best possible foam tape solution.