Masterfully Packed

Transporting art is itself an art. At the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia, we watched packaging artists at work in one of the world’s most famous museums.

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Business Ambition for 1.5° C' – We get involved!

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Adhesive by Nature

Nature is a laboratory of superlatives and full of organisms that produce adhesives with breathtaking properties.

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Tested Smart

Has your smartphone ever been dropped or “taken a plunge?” If it survived unscathed, the protective adhesive tapes on the inside played a role.

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tesa® 4338 Green High-Performance Masking Grade: High Conformability
Jan 21, 2021

tesa introduces new, easy-to-use masking tape to help manufacturers and operators simplify painting applications

Finding just the right masking tape to meet the demanding requirements of industrial painting applications can be difficult, at best. Too often, manufacturers are forced to stock multiple, hard-to-work-with masking tapes, each for different needs – including general purpose, fine-line and high-temperature applications.

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tesa® Black X runs at up to 3,000 feet/minute with no slowing, no adjustments and no interruptions.
Oct 27, 2020

tesa introduces innovative, new adhesive solution for high-speed splicing of flexible-packaging films

To meet the growing need for an adhesive that simplifies the process of splicing flexible packaging films at high-speeds – while improving efficiencies – tesa tape has introduced tesa® 51948 EasySplice FilmLine Black X. Splicing high-slip films at high speeds can be difficult, at best, for flexographic or rotogravure printers. Traditional solutions, like liquid glues and additional tapes, are complicated and cumbersome and can limit the ability to splice at speed.

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One of the main priorities for MSF is the safety of health workers, and that is why all the staff must follow strict protocols in terms of safety and security.
Jul 9, 2020

tesa supports 'Doctors Without Borders' with 1 million Euro in the fight against Corona

"As an economically sound company, in these times that are so difficult for many, we'd like to make our contribution to help people suffering from Covid-19 and to enable preventive measures," says Dr. Norman Goldberg. The CEO of tesa SE announced that the company supports 'Doctors Without Borders' with a donation of 1 million Euro.

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