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Exemplary applications in various industries

Lens or display module mounting in electronic devices
Display bottom mounting in electronic devices
Fender flare mounting in Automotive
Window frame mounting in Automotive
tesa® Bonding of Stiffeners and Reinforcement Bars in Elevators
Bonding of stiffeners and reinforcement bars in elevators
Bumper rails are mounted on the metal housing of an appliance by using adhesive tape.
Mounting of bumper rails
Appliances dishwasher control panel mounting illustration
Appliances control panel mounting
I-profiles for glass partitions
Bonding of office partitions

Inner core strength

  • Elastic and viscous characteristics provide the strength for a permanent bond
  • Constant product features over time even in outdoor conditions
  • Acrylic foam tapes can compensate static loads over the entire bond's duration of the product life cycle

Stress dissipation

  • Our acrylic foam tapes compensate for thermal elongation of different materials
  • Dynamic stresses are optimally dissipated for a secure bond 
Durable permanent bonds
Impact resistance
Permanent sealing, e.g. against humidity, dust, or chemicals

tesa® ACXplus assortment

tesa ACXplus 704x

01tesa® ACXplus 704x

The acrylic core tape is available in gray and white, and is recommended for indoor applications. Both color options adapt very well to metal and plastic surfaces and avoid reflections on translucent and decorative elements.

tesa ACXplus 705x

02tesa® ACXplus 705x

This product is a highly transparent acrylic core tape and ideal for bonding of transparent or translucent materials, such as glass or acrylic. It is suitable for indoor, as well as outdoor applications.

tesa ACXplus 706x

03tesa® ACXplus 706x

Our black foam tape combines high adhesion levels on hard-to-bond substrates with resistance to plasticizer migration and is recommended for indoor applications.

tesa ACXplus 707x

04tesa® ACXplus 707x

An outstanding cold shock performance down to –40 °C is one of the key features of this black acrylic foam tape. A secure and durable bond, even in outdoor conditions, is achieved in combination with our adhesion promoters.

tesa flameXtinct 4506x

05tesa® flameXtinct 4506x

This product is a double-sided acrylic core tape with proven flame retardent characteristics. The white product is halogen-free and UL94 and FMVSS 302 compliant and recommended for indoor and outdoor applications.

New ACXplus MP Line Extension

06tesa® ACXplus Multi Purpose (MP)

This is our acrylic foam tape family for converters and industrial distributos with converting equipment. The products are recommended for indoor multi-purpose applications and are available in three colors: transparent, gray & black.


01tesa® 754xx/756xx acrylic foam tapes

This series combines outstanding adhesion properties on a wide range of surfaces with a high level of conformability. When assembling electronic devices, these acrylic foam tapes attach perfectly to curves and corners, providing a permanent seal against water and dust.


02tesa® 757xx acrylic foam tapes

The advanced acrylic adhesive system featured in this series enables good wetting, creating a powerful bond even on different substrates. What’s more, a PET film reinforcement allows these tapes to be easily reworked and die-cut.


03tesa® 7588x acrylic foam tapes

In addition to offering the standard features of acrylic foam tapes, this series provides superior resistance against a variety of chemicals thanks to its unique adhesive formulation developed by us.

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