Adhesive Tape Solutions for Roof Systems

Adhesive Tape Solutions for Roof Systems

From permanent mounting to protection – with the help of our tape solutions you can benefit from an open-air-feeling.

Enhanced Comfort, Convenience, and Lightweight Design

Whether a sun-, panoramic sun-, convertible folding, or solar-roof, our adhesive tape and system solutions support all comfort, convenience, safety, and lightweight-design requirements.

By using our products, you will benefit from a wide product range, durable and reliable quality, and technical customer service by experienced and highly skilled engineers. Our advanced converting capabilities and dispenser range ensure that you have the optimal solution package, maximizing your efficiency and the quality of your final system and module solution.

Roof Applications

Our tapes and systems are ideally suited to the challenges of complex convertible and functional roof systems. The proven benefits of our system solutions include:

Sunroof and panoramic sunroof

Convertible roof

  • Pre-mounting of textile band before sewing (sewing aid)
  • Lamination of cushioning and sound-deadening material
  • Mounting of wind diffusors and decorative trims

Solar roof