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Process Optimization

Bring process flows to an unseen efficiency with tesa® HiP

Outstanding Initial Bonding Performance

Immediate bonding

Immediate bonding

Bonding Power That Drives You Forward

Get the full power in just a few seconds. Our new tape creates powerful bonds even between plastics that are commonly used in the automotive industry and have a low surface energy (LSE).

tesa® HiP adheres immediately and is able to achieve 80% of its full bonding performance after 5 seconds if 10 N/cm2 pressure is applied. 


Bonding Plastics in One Short and Clean Process

Faster. Cleaner. tesa® HiP.

Bonding of parts in the car interior can be very challenging. Rivets, welds, screws, or liquid glue may not be suitable for all materials and cause various negative effects. Often the process takes too long, may be unclean, or entails higher scrap rates.

These restrictions are now a thing of the past. Our new tesa® HiP foam tape joins different materials fast, permanently, cleanly, and without damage. 

No More Pretreatment

No need 2 treat

No need 2 treat

Start Right Away

Many plastics have a poor tendency to bond to other materials because of their surface energy. Therefore, in many cases an additional pretreatment has been necessary until now.

With tesa® HiP there is no need for primer, corona, plasma, or flame treatment. Generally, tesa recommends a cleaned surface free from oils, dust, or similar for a reliable bonding performance.

Our latest product development is impressive thanks to its very simple handling in the manufacturing process. Simply attach the tape to the material and you are done. No heat and no additional steps are required. This saves valuable time, costs, and effort.