Low VOC bonding and lamination inside cars

Low-VOC Bonding and Lamination Inside Cars

We are a reliable partner in the automotive interior market and offer customized tapes to meet emissions limits.

Lifelong Mounting – Automotive Interior Mounting Solutions

As a leading global supplier of adhesive solutions, we are a reliable partner in the automotive interior market and have a comprehensive understanding of indoor mounting applications. This is essential when working with mounting applications on innovative low surface energy (LSE) and recycled material, and for compliance with low-VOC standards set by governments.

We are following a clear “low emission” strategy to fulfill global demand for less VOCs – for better air quality in vehicles.

Our assortment is ideal for laminating parts with difficult wet-out areas. The tapes also secure substrates around edges and reduce the risk of repulsion, especially after attachment if there is a permanent low load. Light, rigid, and rough parts can be attached immediately and securely in both vertical and horizontal positions when applied with our tapes.

Our extensive converting expertise means that we can offer you sophisticated, customized die cuts to meet your specific mounting requirements. Integrated design features can optimize your production process, making the application in difficult to reach areas easier and more efficient. Please try out our tape advisor to get a first product recommendation based on your individual requirements for mounting and lamination applications inside cars.

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