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Like many organizations today, sustainability is high on our agenda. Driven by both government legislation and consumer demand it's the one issue that no company can afford to ignore. Offering more sustainable solutions not only benefits the planet, but also your bottom line. At tesa we have the comprehensive range of flexo solutions that are completely verifiable, helping you improve your process efficiency and reach your sustainability goals sooner.

Together towards sustainability targets

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01The right partners

We are pleased to share that tesa has achieved EcoVadis gold status, being among the top 2% of companies in the industry assessed by EcoVadis.

We have also recently become a platinum SGP patron. The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) is the leading authority in more sustainable printing in the US, a certification program specifically developed for the printing industry.

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02Waste reduction

tesa® Twinlock reusable self-adhesive sleeves eliminate plate mounting tape waste, while the splice efficiency of tesa® EasySplice splicing tapes reduce waste in the production process.

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03Printing efficiency

Our plate mounting products are well-proven in the market and ensure consistent performance during long print runs. By eliminating the need for press adjustments, less printed material has to be scrapped.

Solutions designed for tomorrow

At tesa we believe in a holistic approach to sustainability. Our unique range of flexo solutions gives printers the technology to increase efficiency, reduce emissions, and eliminate waste.

tesa® Twinlock
Our tesa® Twinlock technology provides a high-quality printing solution without the need for mounting tape. This not only reduces immediate waste, but associated storage and delivery emissions too. Altough more expensive than tape at the outset, the efficiencies tesa® Twinlock provides soon recoup the initial investment.
tesa® EasySplice
With excellent splicing rates, our tesa® EasySplice range cuts waste in the production process. The products contain paper from sustainably managed sources wherever possible.
tesa® Softprint
Our extensive assortment of self-adhesive plate mounting tapes combined with our expert consultation ensures most efficient processes during mounting, printing, and demounting. Coupled with the products' consistency, print runs are 'right first time', reducing production waste.

Calculate waste savings as well as profitability with tesa® Twinlock

Interested in tesa® Twinlock CO₂ savings?

Today it's vital to have the ability to accurately measure your progress in sustainability targets. This may be for the purposes of adhering to legislative limits or your organization's own KPI. At tesa we are committed to providing solutions that make a demonstrable difference, which we always have independently verified.  Please contact us today to make your appointment with a tesa flexo specialist for a detailed CO₂ savings calculation for tesa® Twinlock.

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Frequently asked questions about flexo plate mounting

We have specialists around the globe who will be happy to help you meet your flexo demands and challenges. If you have a specific question today, take a look at our FAQ or get in touch directly.

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