Back Rail Bonding

Back Rail and Stiffener Bonding

No matter if you want to bond back rails to photovoltaic modules, a mounting system to heliostat mirrors, or a glass cover to solar thermal modules, tesa® ACXplus offers the necessary durability and performance.

Our Product Solution for Backrail and Stiffener Mounting

tesa® ACXplus acrylic core tapes are suitable for diverse and demanding structural bonding applications in the solar industry: module back rails, concentrator lenses, and heliostat reflectors.

Our highest performing self-adhesive product category offers high bonding strength, a stress-relaxing core, and very good temperature and weathering resistance. Benefit from durable bonding performance and the process advantages of self-adhesive tape.

Process and Design Advantages
Together with our tapes, we supply adhesion promoters, application tools, and technical support on design values. Our all-round approach is the key to a durable, high-quality solution.

tesa® ACXplus is our highest performing adhesive solution. It can offer enormous process and design improvements compared to conventional fastening methods:

  • Clean working environment
  • Aesthetic design
  • Simple application and dispensing
  • Fast bonding, no need for drying or curing
  • Reliable, efficient production process