Application Solution Center

The tesa Application Solution Center supports your company in finding the perfect tape and application solution for your individual requirements.

First-Class Tape Support: We Strive to Enhance Your Products and Optimize Your Production Processes.

tesa not only offers a broad assortment of industrial tapes, but also a comprehensive tape consultancy service that takes specific customer needs into account. Our tape application engineers consult companies with their individual requirements and support them in finding the perfect pressure-sensitive tape solution for their application cases and processes.

The Application Solution Center Offers These Services:

Product Recommendation


To make industrial processes as efficient as possible, it is crucial to choose the right tape. Depending on the substrate, environmental conditions, and the method of application, tapes with very different characteristics may be required. The Application Solution Center works closely with our Sales team to identify the key specifications of your project. Subsequently, we conduct a series of lab tests to find the perfect tape for your application.



For many industrial processes, bonded parts and assemblies including adhesive joints need to be certified. The certifications ensure that the production process is safe and efficient and delivers an excellent final product. The Application Solution Center supports this in two ways: We either find already-certified tapes that perfectly fit your requirements. Or we assist in the certification of a new tailor-made product for your specific project.

On-site Support


Whenever possible, our engineers will visit your production facility before recommending a tape. Many specific conditions and challenges are only visible on-site, and a perfect solution can only be found if these factors are taken into account. When the new process is implemented, our engineers will be there again to work with you and with our Sales team to fine-tune the application. And of course, they will come back whenever they are needed.



If you would like to learn more about adhesive tape solutions, we invite you to attend one of our training sessions. During the workshops, our engineers will explain the characteristics of a wide range of tapes and show you how to select the ideal solution for different applications. You can either participate in one of the regular training sessions at the tesa headquarters or you can request an individual session at your production facility.

Application Process Engineering


For a reliable bond, correct application of the tape is essential. Its position, the pressure it is applied with, and other factors determine the durability of the connection. To ensure our tapes fulfill our clients’ high expectations, we have created specialized tools to apply them correctly, either by hand or automatically. We also analyze your production process so that the adhesive application can be integrated smoothly into your workflows.