Acrylic Foam Tapes

For Applications with Extreme Requirements

The bonding of components in electronic devices can be very challenging. For many applications high-tech materials with special structures and properties are used. The components are characterized by complex geometries to meet the latest design requirements of the consumer. Our acrylic foam tape assortment is especially designed for demanding applications in the electronics industry and is distinguished by its very special bonding capabilities. The high bonding performance is based on its viscoelasticity: elastic and viscous characteristics providing inner strength as well as relaxation of mechanical stresses. The use of highly innovative technologies and special acrylic adhesive systems together with the viscoelastic nature of acrylic foams create multiple benefits like impact resistance, high bonding strength, and waterproofing for electronic devices for the entire life cycle of the product.

Typical applications of our Arcylic Foam Tape assortment

Electronics: Component Mounting Applications for Lenses
Component mounting with special demands
Display bottom
Lens mounting
Back cover mounting

tesa® 756xx

AC Foam 756xx is our product family that combines outstanding adhesion properties on a wide range of surfaces and a high level of conformability. This allows perfect attachment to the curves and corners of the electronic device and provides a permanent seal against water and dust. 754xx is a thickness extension of 756xx, and offers the thinnest foam tape (50 μm) available in the market.

Best bonding

tesa® 757xx

Besides the acrylic foam-technology-related impact resistance and bonding strength the acrylic adhesive system used for our 757xx family enables a good wetting, which creates a powerful bond on materials with different surface characteristics. This product family is equipped with a film (PET) reinforcement allowing excellent reworkability and die-cuttability.

Good wetting

tesa® 759xx

Where other tape technologies fail, our AC Foam 759xx family shows an impressive performance against a variety of different chemicals.
This superior chemical resistance is a result of this product’s unique adhesive formulation. Of course, this series also provides the standard features of the viscoelastic acrylic foam technology.

tesa icon-chemical-resistance_2
Chemical resistance

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