TVs and Monitors

Tape solutions for even bigger TVs

Over the past decade, TV sets and monitors have gone a long way from pure entertainment and work objects to more and more sophisticated multimedia tools, offering multiple services to consumers. Therefore, electronics manufacturers need to glue many different components, such as frame materials. Our products enable OEM manufacturers to create more stylish product designs without compromising on longevity as well as quality. Faster assembly times (compared to mechanical fastening), clean processing, and improved visual appearance are just a few of the advantages of using adhesive tape.

It is our business to support you and your products during the entire product development process on a daily basis. We put you and your suppliers first by giving you the individual attention and service you deserve. Our sophisticated expertise related to tape application in electronic devices enables us to support you in a professional manner and to help you choose the best of our adhesive tape solutions. We keep up with the latest innovations and market technologies of the electronic industry in order to be able to offer our customers a wide range of specially developed adhesive tapes for smartphones, tablets, and many other electronic devices.