Special Foam Tapes

For Special Requirements

Our SPF products focus on special requirements such as excellent reworkability. These properties are provided by specific, tailor-made adhesive designs. Additionally, our SPF series, like the other foam assortments, offers excellent impact resistance and bonding performance.

Typical applications of our special foam tape series

Electronics: Component Mounting Applications for Cameras
Component mounting

Electronics: Component Mounting Applications for Cameras

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tesa® 761xx

The special adhesive a PET backing offers outstanding reworkability properties: fast and totally clean – no tearing, no residues. This series provides fast wetting and great bonding, even on LSE substrates. tesa® 761xx offers light-blocking properties and good die-cuttability.

tesa® 471x

Substrates bonded with the specially developed tesa® 471x can also be separated from each other by the use of solvents. This is made
possible by the splittable design of the tape. This adhesive solution is very robust and offers high adhesive strength and impact resistance.

tesa® 473x

Our new development tesa® 473x is a tape with a differential design. The structured surface on one side allows solvents to flow under the tape, which can be removed without residue. The adhesive offers a good bonding and shock performance.


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Can´t find the right solution?

We have more options available in our portfolio and by partnering with you we can create unique and specialized products that meet your individual demands.

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