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Displays are integrated into more devices than ever before. As new markets grow, new materials and application demands create new challenges for optically clear adhesives. Our assortment reflects this diversity by offering materials with special features to support this dynamic and diverse market. We also know that constant development is needed, and we are working with top industry suppliers to shape and support the next generation of displays.

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tesa® OCA

Our comprehensive assortment is designed to provide a solution for different kinds of applications. All our materials are produced in a clean room and easy for handling, while also being environmentally stable and compatible with other display layers.

Typical applications of our display lamination tapes

When laminating a display, there are certain basic requirements for an OCA: optical clarity, high transmission, low haze, high bonding strength, and easy lamination. In addition, each special application has its own specific requirements.

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Cover lens to touch panel
When laminating these two layers, it is necessary to use adhesive tapes that are able to cover ink (gap-filling) and are compatible with ITO. For plastic good outgassing resistance is indispensable.
Touch panel to display panel
The lamination of these two layers can be found in LCD as well as in OLED displays. While an easy lamination process and high environmental stability is key for both types of display.

Assortment overview

tesa® OCA 6940x
6940x is our versatile flagship series which is a pressure-sensitive OCA tape that offers a well-balanced profile. It is easy to laminate and convert, and is highly compatible with touch sensor films, polarizers, and cover glass. Best results are achieved when used in rigid/flex or flex/flex applications.
tesa® OCA 6980x
6980x is a UV-curable OCA tape type that is designed for plastic substrates lamination with excellent outgassing resistance. It has high gap-filling property, and best-in-class bubble resistance after curing. Suitable for rigid/rigid or rigid/flex applications.
tesa® OCA 6960x
6960x is a UV-curable OCA tape type that is designed for cover glass lamination. It offers superb gap-filling properties to ensure complete ink coverage, and has excellent reliability performance after curing. It is suitable for rigid/rigid or rigid/flex applications.
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tesa® OCA 6920x
6920x is a pressure-sensitive OCA series which is easy to laminate and convert. It is the best for lamanation of films to protect UV-sensitive materials, as it offers UV-blocking for wavelengths below 380 nm. Best results are achieved when used in rigid/flex or flex/flex applications.
tesa® Barrier OCA 6150x
6150x is a UV-curable OCA designed for moisture-sensitive films, displays, or touch panels. It has a lag time of 1,000 hours (6.5 mm width test at 60°C/95% RH), low WVTR, high adhesion, and balanced gap-filling. Best results are achieved with flex/flex laminations.
tesa® Barrier Tape 6153x
6153x is a pressure-sensitive adhesive that offers supreme moisture-blocking to protect sensitive materials. It is beige in color, and should be considered for backside encapsulation of OLED, and other nontransparent applications such as protecting organic solar cell materials.
tesa® Barrier OCA 6156x
6156x is a pressure-sensitive OCA tape designed for moisture-sensitive films, displays, or touch panels. It has a low WVTR, low and stable dielectric constant, and provides corrosion resistance. It has excellent compatibility with silver nanowires and other metallic paste materials. Best results are achieved with flex/flex laminations.

New OCA developments

In addition to our active assortment, we are developing new materials to support handheld devices with foldable and curved-edge displays, as well as backside cushioning tape. Furthermore, we are developing new OCA tapes for the automotive industry.

Flexible layers
Laminating flexible layers within a foldable or rollable display requires high peel adhesion and very good bending properties. For some special substrates like silver nanowire, an OCA tape with good compatibility is required.
Curved display
Laminating a curved cover lens to a flexible OLED display requires low tack for easy lamination and good gap-filling to cover ink steps. After UV-curing, tapes need to show high bonding strength, resistance to repulsion forces and very good reliability.

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