Mounting of tracks and stiffening bars

Our acrylic core tapes offer extremely high bonding strength for secure constructive bonding.

By using tesa® ACXplus technology you can improve the efficiency of your production line when mounting load lock rails and stiffener bars in trailers, trucks and rigid bodies compared to when using traditional fixings like rivets or screws. You will also benefit from weight savings, less weak points in the surface and furthermore tesa® ACXplus tape also is resistant to corrosion.

If materials are bonded with traditional mechanical fastenings like screws, rivets or welds, they can be vulnerable to corrosion, which leads to damage and requires costly reconstruction. tesa® ACXplus acrylic foam double sided tapes for mounting of tracks and stiffening bars offers a high resistance to temperatures and different weather conditions.

Tests using tesa® ACXplus to bond Aluminum stiffener bars and load lock rails to GRP show better results than when using rivets.

Complimentary products for mounting of tracks and stiffening bars