Door panel mounting

Bonding of Door Panels

Fast door assembly with a certified product for door panel bonding – discover new opportunities for your door production.

Design, Durablilty, Assembly Speed

Today’s modern construction design utilizes a variety of materials and styles for doors, with the aim of achieving a clean finish. Wood, glass, metal, or fiberglass are some of the materials used for residential doors. We offer the perfect bonding solution for such materials, providing a reliable and durable bond for decades. Compared to conventional fastening methods – such as screws, rivets, or liquid glue – a clean finish as well as process improvements can be achieved using our tape.

Flush door designs with frame-concealing panels are becoming increasingly popular. Implement your design concepts, achieve a durable bond, and benefit from a fast assembly process using our tesa® ACXplus 707x series:

  • Temperature- and UV-resistant design
  • Immediate bond without curing
  • Proven performance tested in different climates



Test of entrance door in different climates – ift proof of performance

  • tesa® ACXplus 7074 – Report no. 14-002596-PR04


Adhesive bond in accordance with ift guideline VE08/2 – ift proof of performance

  • tesa® ACXplus 7074 – Report no. 10-000666-PB01