Smart home control panel in a modern kitchen

Smart Home

Adhesive solutions for networked smart home devices.

All kinds of different devices communicate in a smart home and provide additional domestic comfort, safety and flexibility. The applications range from intelligent heating controls and surveillance cameras capable of remote control via the Internet to smart lighting technology. The different smart home devices and their versatile areas of application pose numerous challenges for manufacturers, which have to be taken into account at the production design development stage.

What are smart home?

"Smart home" is a generic term for technologies and devices that automate processes in apartments or houses. The different devices and components communicate via cable-based or wireless network technology and exchange information. Central controls can be used to operate the devices or configure automatic processes. Applications can often be directly controlled via the home network and Internet with a smartphone app, voice assistant or smart speaker. The automation of processes relieves the residents of many tasks. Intelligent heating and ventilation technology, lighting technology, entertainment electronics, surveillance and security technology, automated Venetian blinds and roller blinds or large and small household appliances are typical fields of application in the smart home.

The smart home market is growing rapidly across the entire world. The technical progress in computer and network technology is constantly creating new application possibilities and devices for the smart home. According to a study by Research on Global Markets, the smart home market should grow by almost 25 percent globally by 2023.

Devices in the smart home

In general, almost all devices and systems used in a household can be integrated into the processes of a smart home. As far as household technology is concerned, these are heating systems, smoke and fire alarms, presence detectors, smart sockets, lighting, ventilation systems or Venetian blind and roller blind controls. Window and door security systems, surveillance cameras and locking or alarm systems form part of the equipment of a smart home in the field of security and surveillance technology. Entertainment electronics also offer a multitude of different devices, like multi-room audio systems, smart speakers or smart TVs. Household appliances both large and small, such as washing machines, fridges, coffee machines, robotic vacuum cleaners and much more can likewise be integrated into the smart home.

Components of smart home devices and adhesive applications

Every smart home device consists of different components. Typically, they often include batteries, FPCs, PCBs, sensors, antennas and other communication technologies, touch keys and displays.

Adhesive solutions are often used for the assembly of these components. Below you will find an overview of the most common applications for smart home devices:

  • Lens mounting
  • Battery mounting
  • FPCs mounting
  • PCBs mounting
  • Antenna mounting
  • Speaker mesh mounting
  • Button fixation
  • Deco/logo mounting
  • Display lamination
  • Shielding and grounding
  • Covering
High bonding strength
Chemical resistance
Impact resistance
LSE performance

Adhesive solutions for smart home devices

Every project is individual and has specific requirements. Our ambition is always to provide you with the most suitable solution. Our existing product portfolio offers established, reliably high-performance adhesive systems with specialized properties to meet your demands. In addition, we are able to develop tailor-made solutions in a cooperative partnership.​

​Please contact us directly or ask your local representative about your possibilities.

Solutions for your success

Assortment Exemplary case studies Use this assortment when your main requirements are
Double-sided Film Tapes • Lens mounting
• Battery mounting
• FPC mounting
• Very good bonding
• Good wetting
• Efficient die-cutting
• Specific properties (e.g., Anti-repulsion, Chemical resistant, Differential bonding properties, bonding on LSE substrates and many more) 
Acrylic Foam Tapes • Lens mounting
• Back cover mounting
• Component mounting
• Superior bonding
• Superior impact resistance
• Very good sealing and waterproofing
• Chemical resistance
PE Foams Tapes • Lens mounting
• Back cover mounting
• Component mounting
• Impact resistance
• Anti-repulsion
• Reworkability
Synthetic Foam Tapes • Battery mounting
• Back cover mounting
• Superior, residue-free removability
• Quick bonding properties, even on LSE substrates
• Impact resistance
Bond & Detach® • Battery mounting
• Component mounting
• Superior, residue-free removability
• Impact resistance
Structural Bonding Solutions • Lens mounting
• Back cover mounting
• Fabric mounting
• Component mounting
• Superior bonding power, even on small bonding areas
• Superior sealing properties
• Anti-repulsion
• Chemical resistance
Electrically Conductive Tapes • Grounding
• Shielding
• Conductive gap-filling
• Electrical conductivity
• EMI shielding
Display Lamination Tapes • Cover lens to touch panel
• Touch panel to display panel
• Flexible layers
• Optical clarity
• Specific properties (e.g., moisture blocking, moisture managing,  outgassing resistance, UV-blocking, and many more)