Dry Glazing in PVC Windows

Constructive Window Glazing

Our tapes make new and modern window designs possible.

New Possibilities in Dry Glazing with Tape

Allow your customers to enjoy more aesthetic windows that exude high quality. Not only does our range of tape enable a modern, frame-concealing design, it also improves the window’s structural properties and protects against burglaries.

Dry Glazing Design Options

Wooden Windows

Dry glazing in wooden windows

Dry glazing in wooden windows

  • Simplified profile cross section
  • Savings on frame material
  • More lightweight, slimmer frame

Aluminum Windows

Dry glazing in aluminum windows

Dry glazing in aluminum windows

  • Flush window design, slimmer frames
  • Improved thermal insulation values
  • For residential and commercial buildings

PVC Windows

Dry glazing in PVC windows

Dry glazing in PVC windows

  • Reduced racking thus better closing performance, leads to less maintenance
  • Enables larger windows using conventional captive design
  • Better burglary resistance



Adhesive bond in accordance with ift guideline VE-08/2, part 1

tesa® 62612 ift proof of performance – Report no. 11-002533-PR04