tesa® Edge Sealing Tape

Edge Sealing Tapes

You know the old saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?” No, this isn’t your grandparents offering some good old-fashioned advice about life. This is coming from us. And we’re talking about flexographic printing – specifically, plate-edge sealing.

Plate-edge sealing is the perfect example of an ounce of prevention. It’s a quick, easy step in the flexographic process that acts as an insurance policy for your print runs. It ensures the edge of the plate stays put on the sleeve. Plate-edge sealing also provides a barrier to keep solvent from getting underneath the plate, which can cause the edge to lift. Then you’ve got the aggravation of a messy sleeve and problems like reduced print quality. Why risk poor quality when it’s so simple to prevent?

Helping you be more successful

Our edge sealing tapes are:

  • Easy to apply to any type of cylinder or sleeve surface
  • Made with high adhesion properties for a secure seal
  • Sturdy and flexible; no interference with printing
  • Cleanly removed, with no residues
  • Environmentally friendly and easily disposable

Our Edge Sealing Product Assortment