Structural Bonding Solutions

for increased device reliability

tesa® structural bonding solutions provide high structural bonding performance to a wide variety of substrates. They withstand the harshest conditions by combining outstanding chemical and aging resistance. The processing of these adhesive systems is simplified due to excellent die cuttability, immediate handling stability after activation, and low oozing.

Heat-activated films

tesa® HAF is a thermosetting adhesive system. An irreversible cross-linking reaction is initiated by heat and pressure starting at temperatures above 120°C, resulting in extremely strong bonds.

Low-temperature activated film

Our low-temperature reactive films tesa® LTR and tesa® LTC have been designed for activation at moderate temperatures. The cross-linking starts at a bond-line temperature above 75°C. tesa® LTT is a low temperature thermoplastic film designed for soft goods assembly requiring low processing temperatures.

Light-curing tapes

tesa® UV epoxy and tesa® L-tape are our latest developments that will cure at room temperature when exposed to light. They achieve significantly higher bonding strengths compared to PSAs. They come with high initial tack and immediate holding strength after bonding.

General features

Best bonding
Chemical resistance
Impact resistance
Temperature and humidity resistance

Typical Applications of our Structural Bonding Solutions

Component mounting
Lens and back cover mounting
Soft goods and accessories
FPC bonding

Assortment overview

tesa® HAFtesa® LTRtesa® LTCtesa® LTTtesa® UV epoxytesa® L-tape
ColorBlack, amberBlack, white, translucentBlackTranslucentWhiteTranslucent
AdhesiveNitrile rubber/phenolic resinCross-linkable polyurethaneCross-linkable polyurethaneThermoplastic polyurethaneUV curable reactive epoxyLight curable
Activation temperature [°C]>120>75>75>80Room temperatureRoom temperature
Special featuresTemperature resistance,chemical resistanceImpact resistance,wettability on fabricsImpact resistance,chemical resistanceHigh peel adhesion to fabricsActivation at room temperature, reworkabilityActivation at room temperature, impact resistance


Thickness [μm]tesa® HAFtesa® LTRtesa® LTCtesa® LTTtesa® UV epoxytesa® L-tape
10 μm⚫ 58469
20 μm⚫ 58477
25 μm
30 μm⚫ 58471
Ⓐ 8471
⚪ 8711⦾ 8741
50 μm⚫ 58470⚫ 58480
⚪ 8710
⦾ 8722
⚫ 58722⦾ 87422
60 μmⒶ 8472
80 μm⚫ 58473
Ⓐ 8473
100 μm⚫ 58474
Ⓐ 8474
⚫ 58484
⚪ 8714
⚫ 58724⚪ 8684
125 μm⚫ 58475
Ⓐ 8475
150 μm⚫ 58476
Ⓐ 8476
⚫ 58486
200 μm⚫ 58478
Ⓐ 8478
⚫ 58488⦾ 8698
300 μm⚫ 58489

Product performance1

Reference product ⚫ 58474⚫ 58484⚫ 58724⦾ 87422⚪ 8684⦾ 8694
Push-out [MPa]>5.5>5.5>4.0>2.5>2.5>3.0
DuPont [J; xy/z]>0.5>4.0>1.0n.a.>0.55>1.0
Chemical resistance1⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫

1 Assessment is done only in relation to other products of this assortment

2 Deviating thickness 

Ⓐ Amber ⦾ Translucent ⚪ White ⚫ Black 

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