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Every challenge has a solution; all it takes is creativity. Your unique requirements are the driving factor behind our innovative adhesive development. We’re always testing new materials, designs, and applications, to keep your operations moving forward.

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We’ve developed a number of innovative adhesive solutions to support industry trends and significant opportunities for our appliance manufacturer partners. Our range of adhesive solutions continues to grow – we’re always looking at ways to expand our offering. If you require a customized product, please contact us, and we’ll work together to find a way forward.

Video screenshot Appliances CSC video bond & detach
Bond & detach
tesa® Bond & Detach is an innovative tape mounting solution that enables secure bonds but also removability of components for repair, re-positioning during assembly, and recovering valuable parts at the end of an appliance’s life cycle.
Video screenshot Appliances CSC video OCA
Optically clear adhesives (OCA)
Designed for attaching glass elements, our OCA solutions are completely transparent yet offer a firm and long-lasting bond.
Video screenshot Appliances CSC video UV curing
UV curing adhesives
We also offer tape with adhesives that cure when exposed to light. They achieve extremely high bonding strengths, and come with high initial tack and immediate holding strength after bonding.
Video screenshot Appliances CSC video thermally conductive
Thermally conductive
Our thermally conductive tapes have a high capability to transfer heat. This process is even more effective when using an aluminum foil based tape.
Super thin tape
When bonding is required with minimal thickness inside intricate electrical components for example, our "super thin tape" offers a fast and reliable answer.
tesa ACXplus Application
Acrylic core tape
The perfect tape category for permanent and highly reliable constructive bonding.
tesa® flameXtinct during the development process
Flame-retardant tape
High performing flame-retardant solutions for permanent mounting applications. The range offers excellent adhesion on a variety of surfaces and great flexibility during application.
The tape is suitable for both manual and automatic dispensers and is largely silent in use.
More sustainable packaging
Our range of film-based and paper-based carton sealing tapes feature more sustainable content and high-performance reliability. The paper-based versions are recycling-friendly according to INGEDE Method 12.

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