Self-adhesive plate mounting sleeves

tesa® Twinlock: the reusable, self-adhesive, and compressible sleeve that provides consistency in high quality printing

Our customers can benefit from our tesa® Twinlock promise:

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Reaching SUSTAINABILITY targets
Why? Because you are saving all that plate mounting tape waste and are reducing CO₂ emissions caused by frequent tape deliveries
Don’t worry, just PRINT – leave technical issues behind
Why? Because of our high-quality product design and exceptional production standards
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Cost and time SAVINGS in the mounting department
Why? Because you won’t be buying, storing, mounting and de-mounting a variety of tapes any longer
Future environmental conservation and sustainable ESG modernization development by using technology of renewable resources to reduce pollution and carbon emission .

01Reaching SUSTAINABILITY targets


  • Reduction of WASTE
    A simplified calculation shows: For 200 print jobs, an average of roughly 450 kilograms of waste is caused by self-adhesive tape. This can be avoided by using tesa® Twinlock.
    When using tesa® Twinlock, you could be looking at one annual delivery instead of approximately 50 separate tape deliveries per year, which leads to fewer trucks emitting carbon dioxide.
Evaluation of print results

02Don’t worry, just PRINT – leave technical issues behind

  • Consistent HIGH-QUALITY PRINT results even on LONG RUNS
    The special chemistry and thickness (1.5 mm) of our PU foam layer ensures consistent compressibility, eliminating the need for on-press machine adjustments.
  • Perfection in print REGISTER for first-rate print quality 
    Highest quality standards in our production process ensure that your exact sleeve thickness requirements are met. Additionally, the thickness tolerances of a standard sleeve and a standard plate mounting tape add up, resulting in an even higher tolerance level compared to our one-sleeve solution. 
  • Reduced BOUNCING enables high printing speeds and print quality
    Our specially designed PU foam compensates for vibrations occurring on press and smoothens out the effects of unbalance within the printing press.
tesa® Twinlock mounting and storing

03Cost and time SAVINGS in the mounting department

  • Reusability ensures FAST PAYBACK PERIOD
    The more you use your new tesa® Twinlock sleeves, the faster will they pay off. When investing in a new press or sets of sleeves anyways, the significance of the initial invest is considerably reduced.
    Three hardnesses covering all levels of required print quality, a large share of all print jobs can be printed with our medium hardness sleeve.
    No tape mounting, no liner removal, no tape demounting after printing: less process steps and an overall easy & quick application process.