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At tesa we are as passionate about print as you and your clients are. As we continue to innovate our flexo plate mounting technology, we never compromise on maintaining or improving print quality. In addition to developing a comprehensive range of adhesives and foams, we work closely with you to meet your specific printing needs. Balancing anilox, plate, ink, foam hardness, adhesive, and machine parameters to avoid defects and produce deep solids, fine screens, and consistency on every run. And by using the highest quality materials and precise production we ensure the perfect register.
Complementing your press, your skills, your processes. 

The difference is in the detail

By focusing on the smallest production details, our team can help you achieve the very best printing results. What may look like small differences in types of adhesives or foam, can lead to significant variations in print quality. Together, we will select the perfect choice from our broad assortment of plate mounting solutions.


01Perfect register

The correct thickness of your plate mounting solution is critical in achieving precise registration for every motif. That's why we place so much emphasis on using the highest quality raw materials and following the most precise production processes.


02Accurate results

As part of a high-quality packaging design, customers expect dense solids and fine screens, yet print defects like pinholing or dot gain remain common issues. Our plate mounting solutions offer a variety of foam hardness levels for optimal results no matter the print design.


03Reliable plate adhesion

Undisturbed print runs and high-quality results can only be achieved when plate edges don't lift during printing. Reliable adhesion is influenced by a number of factors, from the thickness or condition of plates to the manufacturing environment itself. It's also important to consider plate mounting processes and types of adhesives to ensure high performance on press. Our experts will advise you on what considerations must be taken into account to create a reliable bond.

Let's talk about your individual quality targets and constraints

With our decades of experience and broad assortment of plate mounting solutions, we can help.

Quality that stands out

The quality of our assortment
No other flexo supplier provides such a unique choice of first class plate mounting solutions. With tesa® Twinlock and tesa® Softprint, we offer a complete range of tape and re-usable self-adhesive sleeves. All raw materials we use are of highest quality and our decades of expertise in manufacturing self-adhesive solutions ensure stable quality every time. The production process of our tesa® Softprint tapes for example ensures that no stress is applied to the foam, leaving all cells intact for resilience during printing. When producing tesa® Twinlock, tailored laser measuring devices ensure exact repeats for every print job.
The quality of our expertise
Every flexo specialist at tesa takes pride in the flexo craft and is just as focused on achieving the best print results as you are. Balancing the technicalities of print with the science of adhesives leads to continuous innovations, developing ever sharper solutions. With local presences across the globe, our experts are easy to reach and can provide an in-depth assessment of the challenges you are facing. They will deliver on-site unbiased consultations and training until your perfectly fitting plate mounting solution is found to ensure your print is of the very highest quality.

Flexo troubleshooting


 Our free troubleshooting guide

With decades of experience in the industry, we have worked with printing leaders to solve their issues and develop new solutions, picking up plenty of knowledge along the way. Here we present some of the hints and tips we have been frequently facing, in one useful place.

Finding the right plate mounting solution

Have you wondered whether you are more of a tesa® Twinlock or a tesa® Softprint customer?
Maybe a combination of both?